Saturday, February 11, 2012

President Obama, former Providence Day star Reggie Love help coach youth basketball team

                                                  (Courtesy Pete Souza/White House Photo)

President Obama, between running for re-election and running the country, has apparently also been coaching his daughter Sasha's basketball team, 
ABC news reports.

In a photo released by the White House, Obama is seen on the sidelines along with his former personal aide, Reggie Love. Love, who played at Duke, is a former All-Observer basketball and football player from Providence Day School in Charlotte.

Between his many duties as Commander in Chief, President Obama seems to have added a new responsibility to his plate: Coaching his daughter Sasha’s basketball team.

Weekends at the White House typically see a casually dressed Obama traveling to his daughters’ sports games....If there are no events scheduled, he often takes the children and their friends to shoot hoops on their own. As such, the press is accustomed to seeing presidential assistants lugging sacks of athletic gear into his motorcade, weaving between Secret Service.

But media are rarely allowed to attend the games and according to Michelle Obama, the First Dad has taken a stronger role than previously known by actively instructing Sasha’s team.

“He hasn’t missed a game,” the First Lady said on Thursday. “I think he was hoping to get this weekend off, but I’m gone.”

ABC News says it's not clear how long the President has been coaching Sasha's team. But adds that a year ago, he and Love acted as substitute coaches when the team's normal coaches couldn't make a game.

Here is a video Love gave before he left the White House last November to attend the University of Pennsylvania's  Wharton School of Business.

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Anonymous said...

Reggie Love is the true tea-bagged one. Google the pictures from his frat days at Duke.

Anonymous said...

Great to see diversity on a basketball team for a change.

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Its nice to see obama spending time as a normal human. Hopefully it helps him not to loose touch with the people.

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