Friday, February 24, 2012

Muggsy Bogues to return as United Faith's basketball coach

Former Charlotte Hornets star Muggsy Bogues said he will will return to coach United Faith’s basketball team next season.

Bogues stepped in to coach the Falcons just before the start of the current season. Bogues’ team finished 21-8, including an eight-game win streak to end the season.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to Mugsy as he tries to keep the program together and get past the suspension that goes thru next year. BJ King is the future of UFCA. This was a disappointing season but it did end strong.

Anonymous said...

On the day that Northside Christian and Davidson Day both make it to match up in the State Championship game there is no coverage on this but let's, instead, choose to cover a team that is suspended from post season because of recruiting violations. Why must the Observer give an inordinate amount of coverage to coaches that used to be prominent players while ignoring the achievements of the hard working boys of today?

Today's 2A Championship is between two of the strongest teams in the State public or private and is worthy of coverage appropriate for this matchup

Anonymous said...

Who.......cares!!! United Faith did not even sniff the state tournament and they get an article on Wertz, your butt kissing towards West Charlote, United Faith and Kennedy Charter is really starting to get old.

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