Monday, October 11, 2010

Why do we identify prep teams the way we do?

Got several phone calls on the same topic last weekend.

Several folks wanted to know why we called Porter Ridge "Indian Trail Porter Ridge" or Crest "Boiling Springs Crest."

The reason is kind of simple.

Charlotte is a very transient town with lots of newcomers who are not familiar with schools. They tend to know the locals ones by default, like Butler or Hopewell or Vance, but we try to help them by identifying where our out-of-county schools are.

It's the same thing the Associated Press does for its stories and polls. Butler, to AP, is Matthews Butler. Hopewell is Huntersville Hopewell and so on.

And no, we'll never call Crest "Shelby Crest."


Anonymous said...

...and it confuses us long-timers that look for scores or matchups to pieces. The ESPN method of BUNKER HILL (Claremont) or A.L. BROWN (Kannapolis) would be more user friendly.

Anonymous said...

Its very common for national publications and news outlets, in and out of sports to identify a high school using its city first.