Monday, October 4, 2010

Indy's Geiler helps with this week's Sweet 16

Independence coach Bill Geiler has watched his team win two straight games after an 0-4 start. Four days before a homecoming game with Providence, Geiler helps out with this week's Sweet 16 video.


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Rk. Team (Class) Rec. Prev.
1 Butler (4A) 6-0 1
2 Rock Hill Northwestern (4A) 6-0 2
3 Mallard Creek (4A) 6-0 3
4 West Rowan (3A) 7-0 4
5 Rock Hill South Pointe (3A) 5-1 5
6 Charlotte Catholic (3A) 7-0 6
7 Lenoir Hibriten (3A) 6-1 7
8 Marvin Ridge (3A) 6-0 8
9 Clover (4A) 6-0 9
10 Indian Trail Porter Ridge (4A) 6-0 10
11 Newton-Conover (2A) 6-0 11
12 Charlotte Country Day (IND) 5-1 12
13 Charlotte Latin (IND) 5-1 13
14 Indian Trail Sun Valley (4A) 5-1 14
15 Lincolnton (2A) 6-0 15
16 Berry (2A) 6-0 16
Others receiving consideration (listed alphabetically): 1A Albemarle (5-1); 4A Hopewell (5-1); 3A Kannapolis Brown (5-1); 3A Lawndale Burns (5-1); 4A South Caldwell (7-0); 2A South Iredell (6-0); 4A W. Charlotte (5-1)


Anonymous said...

Um, Bunker Hill is not 6-0. They lost to South Iredell 42-0 last week and are now 5-1.

Kenan Bateman said...

Providence Day needs to be considered for the top 16. They're 5-1 and have a combined score of 99-0 in the last two weeks against their opponents. If they beat Charlotte Latin this week, it would be an oversight to not include them.

Plantation_Cracker said...

Yeah. 99-0 against two sorry football teams. Chargers were waxed at Catholic. Latin, CD, and Christian will show you the door too while laughing in your face. Providence Day has a LONG way to go before being considered for anything noteworthy. Sorry Charlie.

Anonymous said...

Still Albemarle is not ranked? They have one loss to a very good Thomasville team that also beat AL Brown. Lets not forget they are the defending 1A State Champs and they have to be considered the favorites to repeat again this year.

Anonymous said...

How can we not list AL Brown Kannapolis? They have played without star running back Travis Riley for 5 and 3/4 games and are at 5 and 1? As we know...Travis wll be back soon and then what? Charlotte Catholic? A team that should not be playing in 3A but should be an Independent school? Even though they have no recruiting boundries...Kannapolis will beat them if given the chance as we have the last few years!

Anonymous said...

Butler should be ranked number 3. The Mavericks or Northwestern should be number 1. Only because Butler won the State Championship last year are they in that first slot. They aren't the same team this year.

Anonymous said...

Northwestern should be #1, SC football is a lot tougher then NC. If you don't believe me just ask Tommy Knotts.

Anonymous said...

Time for Albemarle to re-enter the rankings. They've lost one game by seven to unbeaten Thomasville (who killed 3A Cox Mill and killed 4A Davie, and who beat AL Brown, an Observer favorite). Move 'em up.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Albemarle! They are getting on a roll at the right time. They are favored to repeat as Champs. They only lost to Thomasville by 6. They are a small school, but always a power! You have to move them.