Monday, November 26, 2012

Final in-season Sweet 16 poll: Catholic rises, Butler holds at the top

There’s one week left in the 2012 high school football, and Butler’s Bulldogs are exactly where they were in August: at the top of the Observer’s Sweet 16 poll.

The Bulldogs, ranked as high as No. 6 nationally, beat nationally ranked Mallard Creek 27-6 to start the season and beat the Mavericks 27-0 in the state semifinals Friday. Butler has also beaten seven-time N.C. state champion Independence twice and ended East Forsyth’s unbeaten season. Many high school pundits predicted East Forsyth would win the state title.

Now, Butler has one more mission to complete its third unbeaten season in four years: defeat Fayetteville Britt in Saturday’s N.C. 4AA championship game in Chapel Hill.

Charlotte Catholic moved up a spot to a season high No. 2 after soundly beating Statesville in the N.C. 3AA semifinal. The Cougars play two-time state champ Northern Guilford in Winston-Salem in the 3AA finals Saturday.

Rk.School (No. 1 votes)Cl Rec Pts Prv
1. Butler (3) 4A 14-0 48 1
2. Charlotte Catholic 3A 13-1 44 3
3. Rock Hill Northwestern 4A 12-2 41 T4
4. Mallard Creek 4A 12-2 40 2
5. Porter Ridge 4A 13-1 35 7
6. Rock Hill South Pointe 4A 12-2 34 T4
7. East Lincoln 2A 15-0 29 T9
8. Statesville 3A 13-2 28 6
9. South Point 3A 12-1 23 8
10. Independence 4A 10-3 20 T9
11. Crest 3A 10-3 17 11
12. Charlotte Christian IND 9-3 16 12
13. Concord 3A 13-2 12 13
14. South Iredell 2A 13-2 11 16
15. Albemarle 1A 13-2 5 14
16. York, S.C. 4A 10-3 4 15

Dropped Out: None. Also receiving votes: None. For rules on the poll and eligible teams, visit; a three-man panel of Observer sportswriters voted.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck to Catholic! Beat the nightHAWKS!

Anonymous said...

why is concord 13th ? are they not in the state 3A game? i dont understand

Anonymous said...

Make it a 3 peat!! Good Luck Northern Guilford!

Anonymous said...

We at Providence deserve better, that guy "resign" yet???

Anonymous said...

OMG There is it ... The great ever insightful wonderful incredulous stupendous ingenious:


and Praise The Lord ...

Who the hell cares about some dinky local yocal useless crapola ?

Mallard Choke picked 4th after completely NUKED by Butler who could have run it up 70-80 pts if the Dawgz had left their starters in the whole game like Coach Choke always does?

Does it make Coach Choke feel like a big man to blow out all scrub teams 70-80 pts during the season never taking out his starters only to choke big on that final biggie like clockwork ??
Man this is getting soooo predicatable and redundant year after year...

Thanks to Butler for showing class and mercy and not being greedy.

Hint to Coach Choke: Never win reg season games by more than 25-30 pts to save yourself the embarrassment of the predictable final choking in the future since nothing will change ...

Butler ready to win it all again with future NFL QB Riley?


Anonymous said...

No one would know Concord made it to the State Finals... the Observer still has not written a story on it, yet we know all about Mr. Hoods childhood dreams, and Mr. Griers records not broke in a lower class private school game and everything about Butler, including their pregame meal and the type of tires on the bus that will ride them to the game.

Anonymous said...

Mallard Creek once again along with Vance. All hype and nothing to show for it in the end!All of those D-1's could not make it happen!!

Anonymous said...

Attention Davidson Day/Charlotte Christian and the rest whose state championship was a 1 round game against no one. Since you were done weeks ago.. Go see A real footbal game. It will be played in Chapel Hill this Sat. Butler vs Jack Britt. Go see a real QB Riley Ferguson play against tough competition!

Anonymous said...

Why is there no love for the Concord Spiders? We currently have the best QB in the Charlotte area, are in the 3A championship, and still we don't get any coverage?


Anonymous said...

Someone always finds a way to talk junk about CCS. Catholics only loss was to Country Day. Country day lost to CCS and PD. so your telling me CCS isnt a legitimate state champ... Come on MANNNN

Anonymous said...

Catholic would be weak in 2012 without public school student Hood who they recruited and paid his tuition. Dosent Hood live in the West Charlotte district?
Who knows CC may have even bought him a new car or giving him spending cash or putting up his famly in a free condo.

CC has had good athletes but they should have been private designation like Country Day and Latin etc about 100 years ago.


Anonymous said...

Great Comment. Totally Agree
No Districts. No Publics.
Go Guilford!!!!

Anonymous said...

Any hick outside CMS bitching about cov of their school needs to STFU or go to their own small town hillbilly media website.

Wertz is at least halfway decent and far superior to the 3 stooges at Inside The Panthers and should replace them all who only worship some over hyped overrated bum clown killing the franchise.

Its a crying shame neither stellar Gator QBs Leak or Tebow wasnt picked as CP QB with Tom Knotts as HC after they fired Jake and Fox.
And dont even try to say Knotts who won 7 state tiles and 109 straight at IHS plus was a QB at Duke and coached there wouldnt win multiple Super Bowls.

Richardson has made colossus errors taking disastrous advice on his coach and player picks but its not to late to correct them hire the right QB and HC.

Anonymous said...

Porter Ridge and Concord will see two very good Craven County teams this weekend. I see Porter Ridge only scoring field goals and Concerd getting beat soundly. New Bern and Havelock are equals to Butler.

Anonymous said...

Stop stop stop if you think Charlotte catholic recruits you are 100% OUT OF YOUR MIND.....As a former parent of a recent graduate there I can tell you that it's all about the money or should I say lack of money at Charlotte catholic high school. Meaning that ; they will throw anyone out of the school if you fall behind on tuition ( football players soccer players # 1 ranked students in there class will get called in to mr heally the principle and told they have to the end of the month to come up with the tuition or your out and they do force people out for not paying irregardless of any need such as a parent losing a job) come by the school and you will see a run down old office building that is used as the high school, then come inside you will see a tremendously overcrowded school that you can't even walk down the hallways because there so crowded, the micro wave ovens in the cafferteria have been broken for 5 years and we get alot of our furniture as gifts from country day or Latin. The school is poor the kids there do well irregardless of the lack of support. Parents send there kids there because they don't want there kids to have to deal with how poorly the public schools are run ....when the top public high school providence high only graduates 90% of there students you know there a problem. Now if you could show me any athlete that transferred to Charlotte catholic from Latin country day providence day to play sports then you might have an argument but the truth is those schools give add for athletes. And alot of catholic football players have transferred to Latin and country day because they offer a far better academic environment .. So my point is you first have to understand how the catholic system works and that it is poorly funded and run then you would understand how crazy your assumption is that they recruit for any sport .....

Anonymous said...

Some idiots are just too dumb to understand the difference between private and public. You can roll the dice anyway you like but it comes out the same.

Whats wrong with being in the private division in Raleigh anyway like CDay or PDay Christian or Latin or the others if thats who you are?

Its the same thing as say public Mallard Creek trying to switch to private in Raleigh so they could finally win a state title for once since thats obv the only way it would ever happen.

Dawg Pound

Anonymous said...

Its extremely biased of this media rag to rarely even breath a word about two excellent local QB prospects with Butler Bulldog Riley Fergueson or Concord Spider BJ Beecher.
These 2 amazing talented skilled athletes are both clean as a whistle, make excellent grades, have high integrity and an infinite abundance of talent plus family lineage.
Nobody needs to overdo it or brag incessantly on any human being but occasional recognition would be worthy for subscribers.

Yet her comes another daily cover article hurl about 3-8 Newton who went 6-6 his senior year in high school and 5-5 his junior year at Atlanta Westlake and never saw a playoff game much less a state title. He must be the only player on the 3-8 team.

As if they didnt have enough of that crap already a new writer was hired to continue the same old non-stop throat stuffing sensationalist hype never before seen on this privlege character and all the shenanigans he and preacher pappy have pulled.

In the end Newtons Law prevails and what goes around... Richardsons unclean Cats have been weighed in the balances. Keep it clean or pay the price.

Good clean intelligent top notch role models for millions of youth in education and athletics always needed not dropout shysters who use institutions to cheat lie steal or scheme and end up dead or broke on the streets after a short career once they chew you up and spit you out. Never fails.

FarRight said...

You have got to be kidding. Catholic number two with the beating NG put on them? Then Porter Ridge loses the 4A championship game by 1 point, and they are behind Catholic.