Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Butler's Peter Kalambayi is a finalist for Dick Butkus award

Butler High All-America linebacker Peter Kalambayi is a finalist for the 28th annual high school Butkus Award.

The award, given to high school, college and NFL players, honors the nation’s best linebackers. Finalists were selected by a panel of 51 coahes, scouts and journalists. Winners will be announced in early December.

Kalambayi is one of five high school finalists and the only one from the Carolinas.
Carolina Panthers rookie Luke Kuechly won the college version of the award last season when he was at Boston College.

Kalambayi, committed to Stanford, has 85 tackles, six sacks and nine tackles for a loss. He’s caused three fumbles and has one interception for the Bulldogs (13-0) who play Mallard Creek (12-1) in the N.C. 4AA Western Regional championship game Friday at Memorial Stadium.


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Anonymous said...

Kalabayi is not the best LB on Butler's team, that would be Wiggins.

Anonymous said...

I'm in agreement with Anon@7:15. If you have gone to any Butler football game this year, you will know that the best linebacker on Butler's team IS Wiggins. When the Butler D is on the field, it is his name that is called most. He is in on every play. It is a shame that the major D-1 schools are not giving him the same looks as Kalambayi got. Whatever school that he does end up going to will find out what a gem of a kid and player that Wiggins is. You don't have to know him personally to see it. He shows it on the field. Langston, you really should do a piece on Wiggins.

Anonymous said...

American big time sports colleges and universities being extremely careful and safer these days not being as vigorous in recruiting as in the past mainly due to recent big time corruption scandals in football but also college basketball.

High school athletes can thank colleges like Auburn and players like Newton and others such as So Cal, UNC, Ohio State, to name a few for being catalysts in creating this type of cautious environment in their recruitment efforts after being burned by bad seeds.

In the long run the fall out from all this greed and corruption had to end and the NCAA had put down its foot to stop the pillaging and ruination of college sports but these scams have ultimately hurt good schools and qualified high school athletes.
The sins of a few bad apples affect the total masses as usual. Pathetic to say the least.

Anonymous said...,ga)/football-fall-06/schedule.htm

Speaking of Newton per Maxpreps his sr year at Westlake HS in 2007 was a pitiful 6-6 record. His jr year there was just as bad at 5-5. Winner?

There is nothing in the GA state record books on him with his 11-11 record in HS. Was Urban Meyer drunk when he signed him?

Newton sat the bench one semester at Floria behind Tebow who was alltime top QB in passing and running with 15k AP yards and 100 TDs winning a Heiz and 2 NCAAs.

After kicked out as a Gator after one semester Newton went to Bline and won a community college title before the infamous Auburn semester pay for play title and the rest is history. No academic records are known and he was kicked out for cheating 3 times with 3 felonys.

CMS Independence HS, in stark contrast, won 7 straight 4A state titles and 109 consecutive games under Tom Knotts a record for public school. His most famous QB Chris Leak went undefeated in 4 years at 59-0 with four 4A state titles and local state and national TD and pass records plus 2003 player of the year.

Leak started all 4 yrs at Florida and won a NCAA as a senior with many leading ACC stats. He was an A student at Indy and Florida and zero trouble.

Bottom line:
How can a less than mediocre 2 yr Westlake QB get drafted #1 in the NFL after many highly publicized scandals and problems plus lack of education over an untarnished stellar record breaking QB on all levels like Leak?

How could his own hometown NFL team ignore him being a model athlete citizen with top academics plus state and national football records and a consummate professional?

The NFL QB is first and foremost a pinpoint passer and that defines Leak. Those who run exit early with injury.

Why has Leak with the impeccable reputation and records not been the starting Panther QB since he grad from Florida in 2007 instead of the current 2-8 shyster loser bum?

Even the local media has oddly never questioned the issue after 8 years of local hero Leak headlines and accolades on all levels.

The lame excuse that Leak was only 6' is totally asinine when Drew Brees at 6' is the best in the NFL not to mention Vick is 6' and others.

Even Gator Tebow has been inexplicably shunned and silenced on a losing team. Tebow immediately followed Leak at Florida. The 8 years of Leak and Tebow saw 3 NCAA titles for the Gators and a Heiz plus 2 RUs at both. Does the NFL have an issue with top Gator QBs who have excellent credentials? This is very strange.

When will the local media explain fully why Leak is not the current Carolina QB and in his 5th season as starter? Why did the Panthers never even allow Leak a tryout? No legitimate answers have come from the media who had followed Leak like a hawk 8 years in high school and college but then mysteriously dropped out of sight.

Why Leak is not the starting QB at BOA instead of the other bum is the mother of all questions.

Anonymous said...

^^^So why didnt Richardson hire Knotts as HC and Leak as QB? Both his record setting WRs at Indy are in the NFL with Massaquoi at Cleveland and Nicks at the Giants ...

Agree your CO media is slack as hell and hates any local players who are so much better than the shit they sign while their NFL cov the absolute worst in the lower 48 ...