Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sweet 16 basketball polls: Butler girls, W. Charlotte boys keep top spots

The top six spots in the boys Sweet 16 poll remain the same, led by West Charlotte’s Lions.

Hickory’s boys, No. 6 in the poll, beat former No. 7 Hickory St. Stephens and St. Stephens dipped to No. 11. Three new teams join the boys poll this week: No. 10 Butler, No. 15 Berry and No. 16 West Caldwell. Seven teams in the poll have only one loss.

-- The top five spots in the girls poll are the same, led by No. 1 Butler. The Bulldogs moved up one spot to No. 24 in USA Today’s national rankings this week. They are No. 27 in ESPN’s national poll.

Boys Sweet 16
Rank, Team, Class, Record, Previous
1. West Charlotte, 4A, 11-1, 1
2. Olympic, 4A, 16-1, 2
3. Charlotte Christian, IND, 15-3, 3
4. Concord, 3A, 13-1, 4
5. Gastonia Huss, 3A, 12-2, 5
6. Hickory, 3A, 12-2, 6
7. Fort Mill, 3A, 14-1, 8
8. North Mecklenburg, 4A, 14-2, 9
9. Weddington, 3A, 16-1, 15
10. Butler, 4A, 11-3, --
11. Hickory St. Stephens, 3A, 13-3, 7
12. Lawndale Burns, 3A, 12-2, 14
13. East Rutherford, 2A, 10-1, 13
14. Cherryville, 1A, 11-2, T16
15. Berry, 2A, 10-2 --
16. West Caldwell, 2A, 14-1, --
Girls Sweet 16
1. Butler, 4A, 15-0, 1
2. Salisbury, 2A, 10-1
3. Berry, 2A, 12-1
4. Mallard Creek, 4A, 13-3
5. Hopewell, 4A, 12-2
6. Providence Day, IND, 12-4, 7
7. Shelby, 2A, 12-0, 9
8. N. Iredell, 3A, 11-1, 10
9. Gastonia Forestview, 3A, 10-3, --
10. South Caldwell, 4A, 12-1, 6
11. South Point, 3A, 13-1, 6
12. Charlotte Christian, IND, 14-1, 12
13. Newton-Conover, 2A, 12-1, 13
14. Monroe Parkwood, 3A, 14-1, 15
15. Harding, 3A, 11-4, --
16. Catawba Bandys, 2A, 11-2 --


Anonymous said...

So, Northside Christian Academy is not allowed to play with these guys? You are missing out. They have a very good tema this year.

Also, I'm an SSHS alum and I must say that I've never seen their name listed in the HS Sweet 16. Go Tribe!!

Anonymous said...

No, Langston won't put Northside in. Some ridiculous rule about your school also having to have a football team in order to be ranked in the basketball poll. Crazy!!

Anonymous said...

Once again...having St. Stephens in the top 40 would be a joke.they play no one.and they have already been beaten like a drum in their conference.I don't even think they are in top 5 of conference.Langston, you and the Sweet 16 is a joke. Plus having Bandys girls in the Sweet about a weak conference,they have played 2 teams worth anything this year and was smashed both games. Every team in charlotte would kill st. and bandys . revamp the way you rank your teams. Strength of schedule has to count for something. NC girls would kill South Caldwell girls, north irdell girls. Your poll is a joke.

Anonymous said...

No northside doesn't have the same rules that these teams have so it wouldn't be fair for them to be in this poll even with that being said who cares I'm much more concerned about my teams finish in conference and in the playoffs than sweet 16 ranking

Anonymous said...

Lets go Knights!! Charlotte Christian ranked in boys and girls. The lady knights are T.C.B! I would still like to see more information on the team. I take NOTHING away from other teams doing a good job as well, however Gigi Bailey scoring 36 points (as a sophmore) Boys team Anthony Gill (senior) with 31 points in a conference game and their reward is a small mention?.. Both teams with winning records? C'mon observer!.. You gotta do better!