Monday, September 3, 2012

Vance makes huge jump in Observer Sweet 16 football poll

A few days after a shocking shutout of Independence, Vance High's football team makes a big jump in this week's Charlotte Observer Sweet 16 football poll.

The Cougars beat Independence 35-0 Thursday, handing the Patriots their first shutout defeat in 188 games and 13 years. A panel of Observer sportswriters voted and the Cougars moved up four spots this week to No. 10. Vance (3-0) will play No.1 Butler (2-0) at home Saturday night.

Independence (2-1) fell six spots to No. 14.

Also on the move is Rock Hill Northwestern. Unranked in preseason, the Trojans were No. 16 two weeks ago and No. 11 last week. This week, they continue their climb, up to No.9, ahead of Friday's showdown game with Byrnes, which is ranked among the top five of several national polls.

New to the poll this week is Charlotte Country Day, which upset Charlotte Catholic 31-28 Friday. Country Day is in at No.16. Catholic dropped three spots to No.8 and the Cougars must recover quickly. Catholic (2-1) will play Gastonia's Ashbrook High at home Friday. The Green Wave (2-0) has beaten Olympic 45-42 and Shelby 24-10.

Rk.    School (First place votes)    Class    Rec.    Pts.    Prev.
1.    Butler (3)    4A    2-0    48    1
2.    Rock Hill South Pointe    4A    3-0    45    2
3.    Porter Ridge    4A    3-0    41    3
4.    Mallard Creek    4A    2-1    40    4
5.    Crest    3A    3-0    33    T6
6.    A.L. Brown    3A    3-0    32    T6
7.    West Rowan    3A    3-0    27    9
8.    Charlotte Catholic    3A    2-1    25    5
9.    Rock Hill Northwestern    4A    3-0    24    11
10.    Vance    4A    3-0    22    14
11.    South Point    3A    3-0    21    10
12.    Concord    3A    3-0    20    T11
13.    Statesville    3A    3-0    12    13
14.    Independence    4A    2-1    9    8
15.    Albemarle    1A    3-0    6    15
16.    Charlotte Country Day    IND    2-0    2    NR
Dropped out: Burns (3A, 1-2). Also receiving votes: Providence Day (IND, 2-1).
Note: The Sweet 16 is a ranking of the 132 schools in the Observer’s coverage area in North and South Carolina. It is a not a power poll but does consider a team’s strength of roster, its strength of classification and does not consider how ranked teams would fare against each other unless they play. To be eligible for inclusion, schools must belong to a recognized state association and field multiple sports teams. They cannot allow student-athletes to repeat a grade and maintain athletic eligiblity  after that student enters ninth grade. This is commonly referred to as “re-classing.” To be eligible for inclusion, a schools’ student-athletes will have eight consecutive semesters of eligibility after starting ninth grade. Visit for a list of eligible teams.


Anonymous said...

Get Mallard Choke out of 4th.

They SUCK.

Anonymous said...

Anybody see indy offense? U still think joe evans should be next indy head coach? Laughable get us someone who can coach our athletes! Congrats vance u earned it!

Anonymous said...

BIG DADDY KTOWN GREEN MACHINE with a 100 year 95% W record forced to TCB starting in 2013 as "MECA"

The mallard creek ducks on the menu up ft we hear ... quack quack ... Better change the name of the conf to "KTOWN" cuz we already know we gonna own the mofo...

Anonymous said...

Who determines these rankings? Country Day beats Catholic on their home field and Catholic is 8 places in front of Country Day! WOW--makes no sense!!!!

Anonymous said...

No way kannapolis will do what they did in sorry concord conference. I-Meck is best conference in the state... They will be 3rd best in conference... MC, Vance, Hopewell and Hough will be really good next year! This ain't 3A Bubba!

Anonymous said...

"Anybody see indy offense? U still think joe evans should be next indy head coach? Laughable get us someone who can coach our athletes! Congrats vance u earned it!"

Your son probably doesn't even play more than 5 plays a game and you are the first one to shake the coaches hands when they win. Stop being a frontrunner and support our boys. You're either with us or you're against us. Loser.

Anonymous said...

We want the best for our playmakers, playcalling is awful, wait we just threw it again, no sacked by vance again, loser

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight...two undefeated teams in Catholic and Country Day play at Catholic, and Country Day comes back from down 14 to win and Catholic is still 8 spots ahead of Country Day? How about you move an IND school above 15th for once, because those boys proved they are a good football team.

Anonymous said...

"This ain't 3A Bubba!"

Correct. Its much worse.

You knock 2 time 4A champ Butler ex-coach Mike Newsom coach at the Wonders?
You call him Bubba? Newsome will run up 80 pts on you weakling chumps if you make him mad.

Concord? Didnt they just put up 65 on WC with the 3rd string coached by Glen Padgett who left North Meck after 7 yrs and 7 straight playoffs with 2 MECA titles? What have they done since?

Vance? Mallard Creek? Indy? Hough? LOL Is this a comedy show?

CMS back to pre-1990 days of weak and dead? Catholic and Butler the lone exceptions.

Newsomes 2012 Wonders will blow
Butler off the map and just shut out Shelby 35-0.

Ignorance in no short supply in CMS these days? The object is to get better and smarter not worse and dumber...

Next ...

Anonymous said...

I think the most interesting thing about Country Day being 16 is that one ballot didn't even have them in. I'm guessing that was Langston's and he was protesting that fact that Davidson Day can't be ranked. Country Day will probably win their next three games, and hang around 15 or 16, then go to Virginia, lose to Woodberry and not even receive a vote the rest of the way if they win out from there.

Observer Sports said...

Langston actually voted for Country Day this week.

Not sure why this small contingent of Bucs' fans comes on every year swearing I hate all things Country Day. I have covered Country Day for 25 years. Before I started we didn't do much with privates. That was my push to be more inclusive.

Someone else asked why CCDS didn't leap over Catholic because they played. You're looking at it wrong.

Catholic was No. 5, lost a close game and dropped to 8. You can't leap frog CCDS to No. 7 over a lot of other deserving teams.

If the Bucs continue to do well and really prove themselves a worthy team, I'm sure they'll rise, or at least on my ballot. I'm only one of three.


Anonymous said...

I think they come every year, because year in and year out Country Day fields about the same caliber team, with some exceptions. Those teams beat teams like Charlotte Catholic, Northwestern, Crest, etc..., but every year are lucky to crack the top 10, and usually play second fiddle to whatever that year's private school of choice is (Davidson Day, Charlotte Christian, Victory Christian), who in the end ends up being horrible. Outside of Butler and Mallard Creek, there's not a single team in Charlotte, and probably not another in the area that would have a definite W against them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wonder-lick... Just wait til next year! AL Brown will be competitive, but again they will not dominate Year in and year out like they've done in their current league. I am not saying they are not a good high school team every year, I am saying they will be in the toughest conference hands down in the state of NC which will mean they will go about 7-3 on an average which is still great. They get pumped up when they play a 4A school because they feel they have something to prove because they are 3A... But playing a tough quality Charlotte school every Friday is a whole different ball game! Championships run through Charlotte!

Anonymous said...

Would teams like Porter Ridge, Vance, Concord, Statesville, Independence, and Albemarle be able to hold Elijah Hood to less than 100 yards?

Anonymous said...

For the sixth time in the last seven years the Cougars and Wonders met in the playoffs, and like many of the previous games, Catholic won, 35-9.
A.L. Brown is now 1-5 in those six meetings.  They lost Friday despite leading 9-7 at halftime.  The Wonders had a pair of 31-yard field goals in the first half that were sandwiched by a 42-yard touchdown reception from Cougars star tight end and Notre Dame commit Mark Harrell.

Dude what is your point.. You held him to less than 100 yards, but y'all took a "L". That was not a good point...try again! Lol

Anonymous said...

At least now we can stop hearing about Davidson Day. What a joke. Even re-classing kids they can't compete.

Anonymous said...

I'll never understand the treatment South Point receives in this poll...

Ranked #3 in State 3A poll behind the Wonders and NW Guilford.

Anonymous said...

I agree. South point's red bone triple option would throw any cms defense off. I forgot who sp scrimmaged this year from neck but in the 10 minutes a piece offensive period. Red raiders scored 9 times to the other teams won. And I know east gaston team isn't good this year. To drop 78 points with two lost fumbles and taking a knee inside the 1 with 3 minutes left is quite difficult. They could have scored 100. Show them some love Langston. I know you want too and do. They need to try and schedule a 4a mallard creek or butler next year and see how they do. They'll be better next year

Anonymous said...

My point is merely this: What is it that all the other sports writers in the state see in South Point that the CO doesn't. I don't think they're the best team in Charlotte metro--maybe not the best 3A team in Charlotte metro, but there's certainly some disparity--just like last year.

Anonymous said...

Hats off to Country Day they were the better COACHED team then catholic. Country Day coaches are creative aNd put there kids in a better position to win year in and year out with far less talent and depth. The best football job in Charlotte is the Catholic job. Ten win seasons year in and year out . But vary few championships to show for them. Was at that game and it was ver evident that the catholic coaches could learn alot from the country day coaches such as: signaling plays in from the sideline( it was as if the catholic offensive coordinator wanted to be the center of attention, he was and he looked foolish., expand the play book from 6 running plays and four pass plays. Practice no huddle hurry ip offense. Find a way to get your best players in open space, hood touched the ball4 times in the second least let your qb call audibles at the line with running plays ( all six). The coaching staff was the differnce in that game.

Anonymous said...

Hey AL BROWN...BUBBA, what happen to newso and his 80 pts? Again AL Brown WILL NOT Dominate when they get to 4A! 41 - 14 vs Porter Ridge.... Vance, Mallard Creek, Bulter, and Indy will open up a can on them! Welcome to big boy ball!!!!

Flute said...

Porter ridge has only played 2 games versus 4A team the last 2 regular season years but they'er ranked as a top 4A school