Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Former Olympic High football coach Barry Shuford to take over at East Meck

Former Olympic High football coach Barry Shuford is the new coach at East Mecklenburg, Eagles athletics director Ec Little told the Observer.

Shuford coached at Olympic since 2007. His 2013 team was 7-5. After going 4-7 in his first season, Shuford’s next six teams produced no losing seasons.

Before coaching at Olympic, Shuford was at Parkwood High (2003-06), Butler (1997-02), Garinger (1992-95) and Bessemer City (1989-91).

His career record is 142-137.

East Mecklenburg was 1-10 last season under coach Chris Williams. In two seasons, Williams was 3-19. Prior to Williams, Jeremy Buck was 2-20 in two seasons.

The Eagles have not had a winning season since Greg Hill posted back-to-back winning seasons in 2008 and 2009.


Anonymous said...

East is an IB magnet school. It may never have another winning season again..

Anonymous said...

Indy use to be an IB Magnet when they won 100 straight. My point it is not the IB that is killing the school, it was the redistricting.

budman said...

East will always have one loss-they play Catholic.

Anonymous said...

"It's not IB that's killing the school..." I'm sorry...what? One of the most academically rigorous academic programs in the world for High School students is AT East Meck and it's "killing" them all because there isn't a "good" (whatever that means) football team? Did I read that correctly? Since when is a school "good" because of their football team. You people are HYSTERICAL...and I don't mean in a haha funny way...I mean in a your viewpoint is pathetic and this is so, so sad way.

Anonymous said...

As the other poster said, it has nothing to do with being an IB school, redistricting killed all sports at East Meck and they have yet to recover.

Anonymous said...

East is IB but there are also standard honors AP students that have potential and are eligible to play, but most of them don't. IB is not the problem with the football team, once again.

Anonymous said...

Please stop recycling coaches in CMS. This about bad as the NBA recycling coaches. Give someone new and fresh a start.

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