Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fight stops Monday's A.L. Brown at Vance girls basketball game

Monday's A.L. Brown at Vance girls high school basketball game was stopped in the second half after several players from both teams became involved in a fight.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools athletics director Sue Doran said the game was stopped in the third quarter. A final score was reported to media outlets of A.L. Brown winning 40-32. It was Vance's seventh straight loss. Vance, which lost 66-48 at A.L. Brown on Dec. 17, is 2-15 overall and 0-10 in the MECKA 4A conference.

Vance is scheduled to play rival Mallard Creek at home Tuesday night at 6.

Brown is 6-12 overall and 2-8 in conference play. Monday's decision ended a six-game losing streak for the Wonders, who play at Hough Tuesday night.

Vance athletics director Carlos Richardson said the fight broke out after one player from each team dove for a loose ball. Richardson said after the incident, he made the decision to stop the game.

Doran said that game officials and athletics directors from both schools were reviewing film of the game Monday. The N.C. High School Athletic Association is also looking at the tape.

"There was an incident," Doran said. "A scuffle broke out and the game was stopped and not resumed in the third quarter. This morning, the NCHSAA, the basketball booking agent and ADs at both schools are viewing the game tape so that everyone involved can make sure exactly what happened and individuals will be held accountable that need to be held accountable."

The NCHSAA penalty for ejection is two games; for fighting, it's four games. CMS will double any ejection penalty. CMS will not double the fighting penalty, Doran said.

After the fight was broken up, Vance's boys defeated AL Brown 70-49.


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