Friday, August 9, 2013

Providence hires new basketball coach Scott Taylor, former Queens University assistant

Providence High athletics director Charles Lansing said he was thrilled to be able to hire new boys basketball coach Scott Taylor.

Taylor, who will teach health and physical education, just finished his fifth season as the top assistant on the Queens University Basketball staff. Taylor, 30, also coached one season at Carson-Newman. Taylor graduated from Florida State, where he was head manager of the men’s basketball team for three years under Steve Robinson and Leonard Hamilton.

 “We had over 50 people apply and he blew us away,” Lansing said of Taylor. “He was very personable and cares about the kids and the school and he will show up at every event. It’s a great, great addition.”

At Providence, he replaces Myron Lowery, who resigned in June. Lansing said Lowery wished to spend more time with his family and has since transferred to N.C. 4A champ Olympic.

The Panthers, who have won nine games in three years, are expected to return several key players, including All-Southwesetern 4A conference star Giovanni Mack, who has recruiting interest from Jacksonville, Santa Clara and Mount Saint Mary’s.

“We’re thrilled to have Scott,” Lansing said. “From talking to him, he’s a teacher of basketball. He’s not going to come in with a system and expect the kids to run it. He’s going to figure out what to do with the kids he has and work for them.”


Carol Vannoy said...

You will never know a better man than Scott Taylor. Best of luck to Scott and the Providence Basketball Team.

Anonymous said...

Are the kids still crying at Providence?

Come On Man

Anonymous said...

You do know it's "Queens University" now don't you? It's been 12 years since it changed its name.

Anonymous said...

I met him a few years ago when he was recruiting some of my players. He was very full of himself. He and Long were both very high on themselves. Maybe this move to the high school ranks will humble him a little. They both needed it!!!

Jodi said...

I'm sure college recruiting coaches often walk in to high schools with humble attitudes speaking modestly of the college and athletic program they are trying to "sell"...seems like a legit strategy for convincing cocky high school boys that this is the college for them.

Jodi said...

Congratulations Coach Taylor

I hope this is a positive move for you, your family, and the school. The parents and administration are fortunate to have such a upstanding man, dedicated coach, and positive influence leading their youth.

Romans 8:28

Anonymous said...

Just what Providence needs, another hypocritical Bible beating Head Coach.

Anonymous said...

I've known Coach Taylor personally for a few years. I appreciate his "relationships first" approach to coaching. In a society that is consumed with winning, it is easy to lose focus on the importance of mentoring boys as they grow into men. Coach Taylor understands this, and I believe that Providence basketball will be better for hiring him.