Tuesday, February 19, 2013

CMS games ending early in postseason and here's why they should always do so

CMS games ending early: The Southwestern 4A had doubleheaders at two sites Monday and Tuesday during conference tournament week.

Not surprisingly, games started on time and ended earlier than what we generally see during the regular-season. CMS, with new conferences forming next season, really should adopt the doubleheader format for all conferences -- skipping its current set up of two jayvee games followed by two varsity games.

That means either boys and girls play on different days or at opposite sites. Let kids get home earlier.


Anonymous said...

You are a broken record Langston!

you write about the same three things over and over. should these tournaments play at the same time at memorial stadium too?

Didn't the imeck play four games? That seemed to go along fine.

Observer Sports said...

I believe that this move is right. It may sound like a broken record to you, but I'm a huge advocate for the children. They're the ones I hear from who get home after midnight on school nights, still, and have to get up early to be in class before 8.

Other areas, some very near to here, have boys and girls on opposite nights and games go off on time and kids get home early.

I'm OK to leave quadruples on Friday. It's Friday, but during week we should have girls leaving school early to get to games or force them to play with running clocks or no halftimes or all the other stuff that's been tried. -- LW

jamie said...

Who is going to pay for the fuel cost rise that will occur with boys and girls traveling on different nights? That is the reason that teams went to this format in the first place

Here is another solution. Have JVs in Auxiliary gym at same time that Varsity plays. If someone is purely worried about ending times then this is a logical solution to that problem. We will see how concerned they are then.