Thursday, February 7, 2013

Top area HS basketball recruits invited to Carolinas Challenge

Here are invitees for the 2013 Carolinas Challenge. The event is put on by ESPN national analyst Dave Telep, who is based in the Raleigh area.

Each year, Telep invites more than 80 of North Carolina's top underclassmen to Raleigh for a day of basketball and basketball instruction.

Area invitees this year include:

Shelton Mitchell, PG, Cuthbertson (class of 2014)
James Demery, SG, Northside (2014)
Torin Dorn, SG, Vance (2014)
Keyshawn Woods, SG, Northside (2014)
Gabe DeVoe, PG, Shelby (2014)
Jordan Watkins, SG, Providence Day (2014)
Nehemiah Mabson, PF, United Faith (2014)
Shaun Thompson, SF, Victory Christian (2014)
Giovanni Mack, PG, Providence (2014)
Trey Foster, PG, West Charlotte (2014)
Austin Harris, SF, West Charlotte (2014)
Troy Henderson, PF, Gaston Day (2014)
Austin Dasent, PG, Northside (2014)
Marcus Johnson, PG, Evelyn Mack (2014)
Rusty Reigel, SG, Charlotte Latin (2014)
Malik Massey, SG, Vance (2015)
Steven Santa-Ana, SG, Ardrey Kell (2015)
Luke Maye, PF, Hough (2015)
Daemar Jones, Rocky River, PF (2015)
Lucas Johnson, SF, Kennedy Charter (2015)
Kishawn Pritchett, Lake Norman (2015)
Derek McKnight, Gasotn Day, G (2015)
Trevor Anderson, Gaston Day, G (2015)
Raekwon Long, C, Garinger (2016)
Jalen Sanders, PG, North Rowan (2016)
Jeremy Spencer, SF, Providence (2016)
James Lewis, PG, East Gaston (2016)

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Anonymous said...

How is Olympic nationally ranked and not one kid is invited. The team is not all seniors.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad somebody else noticed this too. Makes little sense...

Anonymous said...

This is crazy. CJ Jackson is one of the best players on one of the best teams in the country. How is he not invited? C'mon Man!!

Jack LeGwin said...
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Jack LeGwin said...

I am kind of surprised that Jon Elmore, Timothy Walker and D.J. Harvey weren't invited, Elmore is solid, Harvey is a stud, and Walker is one of the best shooters in the state, all of them on a nationally known program at Christ School. And no one from Olympic????? Wow. Just wow. Disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Where is Olympic represented? How does a team go undefeated and win, win, win and have no talent to make this cut? They have players that should be there. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Tayon Gleaves From Independence?! where is he at

Anonymous said...

How could two providence HS kids be invited and they haven't won a game all year? Telep is really values winning huh?

Anonymous said...

So, the question is, with Olympic players not being invited, is this invitation based on talent or who you know??? UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Anonymous said...

Jon Elmore lives in WV, DJ Harvey lives in AL. You have to be a NC resident to get an invite. Dont know how Walker was left off the freshman class list, however. Something is definitely wrong when the highest nationally ranked team in NC gets NOBODY in, unless all their best players are seniors? I dont think seniors get invites?

Unknown said...

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