Monday, December 17, 2012

Olympic's bad luck could open door for CMS to let publics (finally) play privates

Thinking out loud after learning about Olympic High's tough spot.

Turns out the Trojans were supposed to play in a Christmas tournament in Florida that suddenly got postponed when a sponsor pulled out.

Trojans coach Ty Baumgardner had charged his players' tickets to his personal credit card, thinking he would be reimbursed by tournament organizers. No one is returning his calls from the event and US Airways, so far, is only willing to let Baumgardner change the itinerary for each ticket, for an additional $150 charge per ticket.

I'm hoping US Airways will be lenient in this matter and give him a full refund. It would be a terrible thing to get an $8,100 bill this close to Christmas. If there's ever been extenuating circumstances, folks, this is it.

Also Olympic is out three games.

It's going to be hard, even Baumgardner admits, to find three public schools who have openings on the schedule this late. Private schools around here could accommodate him, only CMS has standing rules to not play private schools.

In this case, I think CMS should grant Baumgardner a waiver to play privates to help fill out his schedule.

I'd love to see Northside Christian vs. Olympic and United Faith vs. Olympic and even Providence Day vs. Olympic. Each could be big money making Saturday game for all involved and provide some big marquee events -- and marquee tests -- for the players.

Beyond that, I really think it's time for CMS to punt on this rule about not playing privates except in tournaments.

If Providence wants to play Providence Day and the schools can make the schedules work, the schools should be allowed to do it. CMS should put policies in place so its schools don't abandon rivalries with CMS schools to play privates, but it should allow cross-scheduling. This hasn't happened since the early '80s.

Right now would be a great time to start.


Anonymous said...

Would love to see it.

Anonymous said...

Latin plays Providence High this year

Anonymous said...

langston, stop pushing your agenda of public vs. private. when privates play by the same rules as schools belonging to the nchsaa, then you will see some publics play them. until then, any public school coach who plays private schools is either A) an idiot, or B) a self-promoter aligned with some of these aau pimps. the private school scene in charlotte is just simply not regulated.