Monday, October 31, 2011

Mooresville, South Caldwell join Sweet 16 football poll

The top eight spots remained the same in the Observer’s Sweet 16 football poll as teams get ready for the postseason Friday.

But there was plenty of movement below that.

Two new teams join the poll. Mooresville (9-2) is back in, at No. 13, after winning its sixth straight game Friday night, a 37-21 win over Lake Norman.

South Caldwell (10-1) is ranked for the first time this season, at No. 16. The Spartans lost their season-opener, 25-14 Aug. 19 at Freedom, but have won 10 straight. In the streak, South Caldwell has allowed 5.4 points per game while scoring 46 per game.

Former No. 15 Freedom (10-1), which will not make the playoffs because of violating NCHSAA rules for fighting, fell out of the poll. The  Patriots season is over. West Rowan, the three-time N.C. 3A champ, jumped three spots to No. 9.

Independence dropped one spot to No. 10 after losing 38-26 to No. 2 Butler in a game that was closer than the score, and Olympic fell two spots, to No. 12, after losing 55-20 to No. 3 Charlotte Catholic.

Rk.     Team (Class)     Rec.    Pvs.
1     Mallard Creek (4A)     10-0    1
2     Butler (4A)     9-1    2
3     Charlotte Catholic (3A)     10-0    3
4     Belmont South Point (3A)     10-0    4
5     Porter Ridge (4A)     10-0    5
6     Burns (3A)     10-1    6
7     Rock Hill South Pointe (3A)     9-1    7
8     A.L. Brown (3A)     10-1    8
9     West Rowan (3A)    9-2    12
10     Independence (4A)     9-2    9
11     South Iredell (2A)     11-0    11
12    Olympic (4A)    9-2    10
13    Mooresville (4A)    9-2    NR
14    Lincolnton (2A)    10-1    13
15    Albemarle (1A)    10-1    16
16    South Caldwell (4A)    10-1    NR

Dropped Out: Freedom (3A, 10-1). On the bubble: Ardrey Kell (4A, 7-3); Berry (3A, 7-3); Crest (3A, 8-3); Marvin Ridge (3A, 9-1); Providence Day (IND, 8-2); Salisbury (2A, 9-2)
Note: To be ranked in the Observer’s Sweet 16, a team must be in the Observer’s coverage area, field football and basketball teams and not allow a student-athlete to re-class after ninth grade. For a detailed look inside the poll, including the criteria used to compile it, visit?


Anonymous said...

Marvin Ridge finished the regular season 9-1 with their only loss at undefeated Porter Ridge and they didn't even make the bubble?

Steven Jackson said...

Can't say I'm surprised, but really...South Point beat 4 teams ranked in the Sweet 16 this season, 3 of them handily. If you guys don't want to be accused of favoring Charlotte schools over those others in the immediate area, don't do things like have Catholic remain above SP for an entire season when they have no quality wins. Luckily, they're in the same playoff pod, so this will ultimately be settled on the field...

Anonymous said...

I still do not understand why Charlotte Catholic (a private school) continues to play in the PUBLIC school playoffs. Should they not be competing with the other Private schools??

Anonymous said...

How do you win your last game of the season 63-0 against an inner county rival & deserve to drop out of the top 16??? I'd love to hear the common sense in this decision.Especially since the team that supposedly "dropped out" beat a now ranked team by 11 points earlier this season.

Anonymous said...

Especially considering that PUBLIC schools have to play with players that LIVE in the distric that the PUBLIC school resides. Private schools do not have that restriction so they are allowed to play by different rules. Does not seem fair.

Anonymous said...

High school rankings are all but impossible, and are mostly based on reputation and rumor. You can't possibly have a high school sweet 16 that doesn't leave out or put in, 6 to 7 teams. Charlotte Catholic by all means, should not be playing in a public tournament. It is wrong whichever way you look at it.

Steven Jackson said...

I don't have any problem with Catholic playing in the public league...matter of fact, I respect them for doing so. Its just that the CO looks like a homer for keeping them third over SP for the whole season. So is Langston telling us he thinks Catholic is the best 3A team in the state? 'Cause almost every other AP voter has SP #1, and has had them there for a number of weeks. Also, I'll correct my earlier post and recognize that Catholic did beat Olympic, who is ranked in the Sweet 16. So, SP has 4 quality wins, vs. Catholic's 1...

Corey Inscoe said...

Re: Charlotte Catholic.

There are a handful of private schools that play in the NCHSAA (public school league) around the state and Charlotte Catholic is one of them. Bishop McGuinness in the Greensboro area and Cardinal Gibbons in Raleigh are other examples.

The NCHSAA is mostly public, but it makes an exception for Parochial schools as long as they meet all the requirements of the league. Here's the paragraph from the NCHSAA Eligibility form:

"Parochial non-boarding schools, in addition to subscribing to the general rules of the NCHSAA, must agree to adhere to the following regulations: (a) an all-male student body shall have its enrollment doubled for classification purposes; (b) a student must have been in attendance for the two most recent semesters before being eligible for athletics; and (c) athletes shall not be given scholarship
aid or other financial consideration." (

Like it or not, it's allowed as long as they follow the rules.

~Corey Inscoe

Anonymous said...

Langston always says that Southpoint has the Gaston Gazette to cover THEIR season but has no problem with teams from further outside the Charlotte area having him as thier cheerleader. Belmont is HEAD AND SHOULDERS better than Charlotte Catholic and can only have players who live in that district. The statewide polls have Southpoint above CC where they should be. There is a CONSICOUS discrimination against the linthead team.

y_heart_y said...

did y'all read the article about catholic's blow-out over olympic?

catholic is historically known for their run game. their qb barely throws. on friday vs. olympic, they switched up their entire game and passed for the whole thing. in fact, only one pass was dropped.

as for their schedule, they beyond dominated olympic and also played berry into the ground, not to mention how they flattened country day and christian.

did you know they uphold the NCHSAA public school guidelines to such an extent that even the cheerleaders have to follow the two semester policy?

Anonymous said...

Really? Lincolnton drops a spot to Mooresville that was not ranked last week? Lincolnton continues to not get any respect in this poll. Only loss was to a strong South Point team that should go on to win the state 3A state title! Oh by the way it was early in the season with a new quarterback still learning a new offense!! I hope both Lincolnton and South Point go on to win their respective classes!! No way they should have dropped a spot to a team like Mooresville that was not ranked last weekend!

Anonymous said... seems to know how the teams are ranked. Their FAIR rankings have South Point as the #1 team in 3A.

Anonymous said...

All this griping about the Sweet 16? Man, y'all just wookin' pa nub in all the wrong places.

Let the teams settle it out on the field.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the only ranking is how they are seeded. Not some .com site nor the Sweet 16 by LW. So for all you that are arguing that South Point should be ranked a higher need to complain to those who made the seedings. That last time I looked, Catholic had a 1 seed and SP was a 2 seed. Obviously, many others think that Catholic is better than South Point.

Anonymous said...

11:16 - the fact that Catholic got a higher seed than South Point was the product of a coin flip, not people deciding that Catholic was better. Both teams had 10-0 records for seeding and a coin flip is how the state settles a tie.

"Seedings" are different from "rankings". The two have nothing to do with each other.

Steven Jackson said...

Not complaining about the playoff seedings. I know how that works. I complaining about Langston's Sweet 16 rankings. Yes, Catholic and SP will get a chance, thankfully, to settle it on the field. Catholic is a good team--no doubt. But comparing strength of schedule and quality wins, SP should be in the #3 position and Catholic in the #4. I'm criticizing Langston's placement of the teams--its inconsistent, doesn't match how polls are conducted at the next level, and as a result, smells like homer-ism...

And for the record Langston, I'd love to come here and read coverage of South Point, but you force me to visit the web page of the Gazette, which I generally dislike, to find anything about my alma mater, despite the fact that Belmont is closer to Charlotte than it is Gastonia...

Anonymous said...


While I am also an avid SP fan, I don't fault you for doing your thing putting CC ahead of us. That's you're opinion. There are a lot of other folks out there with a different opinion.

However, I do have a beef with your excuse as to why SP doesn't get as much coverage in the Observer as Charlotte teams. Because the Gaston Gazette covers us. What about the Rock Hill Herald covering any of the Rock Hill/York county schools? Why do I see articles about those schools so often. Do they not get enough coverage in their respective newspaper.

Oh well, Maybe we'll get to see that match-up that every one has been waiting in in the 3rd round after a tough AL Brown matchup.

Oh and is it me or does the 3AA WEST bracket look weak?

Anonymous said...

Wooly says South Point Red Raiders to another State Championship undefeated.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous at 2:58 on Oct. 31: I assume you are talking about Freedom. Nothing about this is going to make sense, since you had such a great season and because of one altercation are now out of the playoffs. All I know to say about that is that it is a raw deal, and I hate your team has to deal with it. I guess they made the decision to go with schools still playing.

Anonymous said...

In reguards to freedom, do you people not understand this poll is based on youre liklihood to win your respective class championship???????????????????? Freedom being DQ'd from the playoffs takes them out of a chance to win a title, therefor they lose the ranking. Which is ALSO why Mooresville jumped ahead of Lincolnton in the poll, they have a very winnable road to a possible state title appearance. THIS IS NOT A POWER stop arguing about who is better than who!

Anonymous said...

So much for the quality wins for South Point. Ouch!