Monday, September 26, 2011

Sun Valley back in the Observer's Sweet 16 this week

Sun Valley is back in the Sweet 16 after nearly a month’s absence.

The Spartans, No. 13 this week, began the season with a 70-28 loss at Richmond Senior and a 52-21 home loss to Mallard Creek.

Mallard Creek is nationally ranked and Richmond Senior is one of the state’s top five programs. Both of those schools are 4AA. Sun Valley is 4A.

Since those losses, Sun Valley has beaten Garinger, Red Springs and Clover by a combined 170-38.

Sun Valley plays at Anson Senior Friday.

-- Some movement in the poll this week with losses by previously No. 5 Rock Hill South Pointe, No. 9 Independence and No. 12 Freedom.

Those teams all shifted down, allowing for a move up for several schools. Hunter Huss, No. 16 last week, dropped out of the poll.

The Sweet 16
Rk.     Team (Class)     Rec.    Prevs.

1     Mallard Creek (4A)     5-0    1
2     Butler (4A)     4-1    2
3     Charlotte Catholic (3A)     6-0    3
4     Belmont South Point (3A)     6-0    5
5     Porter Ridge (4A)     5-0    6
6     Rock Hill Northwestern (4A)    4-1    7
7     Burns (3A)    5-1    8
8     Rock Hill South Pointe (3A)    4-1    5
9     A.L. Brown (3A)    5-1    11
10     South Iredell (2A)     6-0    10
11    Independence (4A)     5-1    9
12    Berry (3A)     5-1    13
13    Sun Valley (4A)     3-2    NR
14    Lincolnton (2A)     5-1    14
15    West Rowan (3A)     4-2    16
16    Freedom (3A)     5-1    12
Dropped Out: Hunter Huss (3A, 5-1). On the bubble: Albemarle (1A, 4-1); Ardrey Kell (4A, 3-2); Charlotte Country Day (IND, 4-1); Chase (2A, 6-0); Hunter Huss (3A, 5-1); Marvin Ridge (3A, 5-0); Mooresville (4A, 4-2); Olympic (4A, 4-1); Salisbury (2A, 5-1)
Note: To be ranked in the Observer’s Sweet 16, a team must be in the Observer’s coverage area, field football and basketball teams and not allow a student-athlete to re-class after ninth grade. For a detailed look inside the poll, including the criteria used to compile it, visit


Anonymous said...

Mavericks gonna take down OVERRATED Mcneil, Hardin, and the PRISSY PIRATES this week! MR better be ranked next week!!

Anonymous said...

please explain how a 2 loss team jumps over Lincolnton who is ranked #1 in the state in 2A. the observer rankings are a joke.

Anonymous said...

Help me understand how a 3-2 team that has beaten Garinger(3A) (0-6), Redsprings(1A)(4-1) and Clover (2-4) jumps from NR to 13th

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of SV and I don't understand it. They need to beat somebody good to get ranked and the next good team that the play is Marvin Ridge. They have really struggled with Anson the last few years so they have to get past that one before the MR game.

Anonymous said...

"Mavericks gonna take down OVERRATED Mcneil, Hardin, and the PRISSY PIRATES this week! MR better be ranked next week!!"

ARE YOU SERIOUS? Here, call the Mental Health clinic at 704-444-2400.

The Porter Ridge Pirates are gonna destroy Marvin Ridge. The Mavericks may as well not even show up on Friday. Heck, ye landlubbers lost at home last year to me Pirates 31-13. Can you imagine the pain your gonna feel when we keelhaul ye at the Boneyard?

Oh, ye Mavericks get to have a firsthand tour of Davy Jones' Locker!

Go Pirates!! Walker D. Plank

Anonymous said...

Didn't Porter Ridge barely beat Providence Day?

Anonymous said...

Didn't Providence Day play Catholic tough last year also? Maybe they are better than you think.

Anonymous said...

No Providence Day was never in the Catholic Game last year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ed D Plank!!

Anonymous said...

The Belmont South Point train is coming, baby.

Anonymous said...

I think you are confusing Providence Day for Country Day or Latin. Catholic beat PD by 21 last year. They beat Latin by 7 and Country Day in overtime after they scored at the whistle after the refs extended the game. So, no I don't think Providence Day is better than I think, I just don't think Porter Ridge is as good as you think.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how good either Providence Day or Porter Ridge is this year. Just not making assumptions like you are about teams. Using your logic, Providence Day beat Latin and Country Day last season. Two teams that you noted Catholic barely beat in 2010. Even losing to Catholic, they must have been a decent team. Maybe they are better than you think this year? Which might make PR better than you think. Or maybe this is just a poll that doesn't really matter unless you have some axe to grind with PR.

Anonymous said...

"Didn't Porter Ridge barely beat Providence Day?"

Look at here, Lass...this was a Father/Son match-up. Father has won multiple state titles and has always been a top-notch coach. His teams are prepared to play and Father would certainly know his son's philosophy and strategy. Also, it always makes it easier for Providence Day, being that they are a Private School and can recruit. So don't give me that Bull Hockey about it being a close game; it SHOULD always be a close game! Who do you think taught Blair the game of football, the strategy, and how to coach? Hmmm, it could be his Father?

The game was close...what a moronic and clueless comment. It certainly tells everyone you only read the paper and the scores, lass. Prior to that, the Pirates were averaging over 50 points per game. The Pirates haven't even lost a regular season game since 2009, so you're really not paying attention at all.

Doubt all ye wants, Rapscallions; me Pirates are the scourge the of the seven seas and will simply give no quarter to anyone who dares challenge.

Walker D. Plank

str8talk said...

Mooresville loses to MC and Lawndale Burns.SV after getting smashed and yielding over 60 points a game now beats a couple of manageable teams and they are ranked where MHS barely sneaks into the honorable mention category.Like I mentioned earlier it will take MHS to win out to get ranked whereas other teams just a win or two gets them back in it.Yes, most people think these rankings are a joke.

Anonymous said...

MAVERICKS gonna expose OVERRATED PIRATES!!! Only beat little Providence Day by 3?? HAHAHAHA! CAN YOU SAY OVERRATED!!??

Anonymous said...

A.L.Brown thought PR was overrated as well. How did that turn out?

Anonymous said...

No team with two losses should be in the Sweet 16! One loss, maybe but not two.

Anonymous said...

"MAVERICKS gonna expose OVERRATED PIRATES!!! Only beat little Providence Day by 3?? HAHAHAHA! CAN YOU SAY OVERRATED!!??

The MavWRECKS are gonna get annihilated by the Pirates. You don't stand a chance! Once you get crushed, I want you to get on the CO and say Marvin Ridge SUCKS!