Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Report: QB died after taking grandma's methadone

The Burlington Times News has a story about the death of Burlington Williams quarterback Harry Cohen in August.

Cohen's stepfather, Richard Kaffenberger, said Cohen, aching from a football game he had played the previous Friday, found his grandmother's methadone, a narcotic they say had been prescribed to treat her fibromyalgia. Kaffenberger isn't sure if Cohen took one or two of the pills that Saturday, the story says, but Cohen's stepfather told the Times News doctors had said a half a pill could have killed him. 

Toxicology screens done at the hospital confirmed the methadone in Cohen's system.


Anonymous said...

Where in the US is methadone used to treat fibromyalgia?

The bipolar disorder drug Seroquel, will metabolize as methadone.

It would be really sad if these people would rather label their dead kid as a drug user, than to admit he had mental problems.

More investigation is needed.

Anonymous said...

I think what they are trying to say he took it for pain ("aching from a football game") since that is what it was prescribed for his grandmother for, not that he was a drug user or had mental problems.