Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Waddell center Jervon Pressley, released from Ga. State, visits Missouri

Waddell’s Jervon Pressley took a visit to Missouri Wednesday. He had committed to Georgia State but there was a mutual agreement to release him, Waddell coach Jermaine Walker said. Walker said Pressley has also visited Robert Morris and Townsend. Pressley, a 6-foot-8 senior, averaged 10 points and 11 rebounds for the Raiders (20-10).


Anonymous said...

No one will take him. I've never seen a player with so much talent be so worthless and lazy. All he wants to do is pout and fight. "Mutual Agreement!!!" Yeah right! That's GSU saying we don't want you after you got busted stealing from the Olympic coach at a hotel during the holiday tounrament.

QC Supermom said...

This must be yet another scorned looser! Let me see, did he knock your son from a free higher education? Not only is he being recruted.There are four schools highly courting him. As for the theft part- If you can't proved it - Shut the helk up! Jervon Pressley is one you WILL be seeing on ESPN & all the other mainstream shows! Grow up & become a fan too! Yay Team Pressley! We love you!(cheer with can do it!)

Anonymous said...

Are you joking? Jervon has been in trouble from day one. Prove that he stole from the coach, okay how about he was wearing the coaches watch when security brought him into the office. How about the video from the hotel itself. The poster is correct, tons of talent, no discipline. Where are the men in Jervon's life to step up a long time ago and set him straight. I doubt we will see Jervon on ESPN, more like on the block shoot shots at the park. I wish him well but this kid needs to straighten up. I challenge you Jervon, prove to Charlotte that you really want to get an education and want to be great.

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way no. He did not take any scholarship from my son. My son played against Jervon and we beat Waddell every time out. My son already has his scholarship and is on to college. Not a sore loser at all, we never lost to Jervon.

QC Supermom said...

What do you have against this child? Ok, so you say that your son has a scholarship & is in college. Well, did he take your daugther's "stuff". (He is a ladies man-look at him) Or did he pass over your advances.
Let me tell you FACTs about Jervon:

Took Honor & CPCC classes during his high school years.
Volunter at Loaves & Fishes 5 years
LOVES pets & his younger brothers
AND is currently taking summer school classes at his D! college.

Oh & btw,here's what they saying about ya boy RIGHT NOW:I love this quote about him:

"When his production meets his potential, watch out," national recruiting analyst Dave Telep said. "You can go all across the country and it's difficult to find guys with his physical attributes. If he is OK with being a forceful rebounder and explosive finisher, he's got a big future. I'm sure mid-level schools would like to get him in their back pocket and not let anybody find out about him, and big schools, because of his size, have to know what's going on, because if the monster wakes up, watch out."

Might be a diamond in the rough

As you can see your thoughts should have stayed in your little mind! You can't stop the KJKP Train. Go Jervon......say it with me: GOOOOOO JERVON!