Monday, May 16, 2011

Myers Park girls soccer suspended playoff game called, Mustangs lose

Myers Park's girls soccer team had a disappointing end to its season this weekend.

The Mustangs thought they would have a chance to complete a suspended first round playoff game with East Forsyth. The game started Friday but was called with 27 minutes left in the second half with East Forysth leading 2-0.

Officials tried to wait for stormy weather to clear out of the Winston-Salem area, but at 10:30 p.m., more bad weather rolled in and Myers Park soccer coach Bucky McCarley said school officials met with the referees. McCarley said the booking agent and referees informed them that the game could be postponed and finished Monday. The ADs from both schools agreed to play tonight (5/16) at 6.

The teams decided not to try Saturday night because Myers Park had the prom then.

Unfortunately, state and national rules say if a game is suspended in the second half and a winner can be determined, the team that is leading is declared the winner. If the game is tied, then it will be postponed and resumed. N.C. High School Athletic Association spokesperson Rick Strunk told the Observer that at least one other girls soccer game in the state was postponed at 0-0 by bad weather and will be finished tonight.

"The rule is in the handbook and I knew the rule going in," said Myers Park coach Bucky McCarley. "We understood the rule was the game needed to be finished (Friday). I said (to school officials and referees), 'Listen, we're down 2-0 with (27) minutes left and I have every reason to believe my team can tie. We'll be here to 3 a.m.'"

Athletics directors from both schools met with the game officials after speaking with both coaches. Game officials informed the ADs that the game could be postponed and played Monday, according to McCarley and Myers Park athletics director Rick Lewis.

McCarley said he wrongly assumed that the game officials would have ultimate authority and could override the handbook.

So Myers Park came back to Charlotte late Friday night and started thinking about trying to come back and tie the game to force overtime. But Saturday, the NCHSAA called Lewis with bad news: the rule in the handbook would be enforced.

"We all took the refs and the booking agent at their words that the game could be completed," McCarley said. "I assumed wrongly. Honestly, I hurt -- and I don't use that word lightly - for the players and this team. It's just hard to explain this to high school girls. In hindsight, I would've waited to try to finish this game."

Lewis said, like McCarley, he was awful disappointed for the team.

"It's disappointing the kids don’t get to finish out the process," he said. "Down 2-0 with 27 minutes, you can make a comeback in that. The solution we came up with seemed very common sense, and everybody was in agreement, but the rule book and the handbook states it in there, in black and white. It's just an unfortunate thing all the way around. I would’ve liked for our girls to finish the last 27 minutes."


Anonymous said...

"McCarley said he wrongly assumed that the game officials would have ultimate authority and could override the handbook."

This is high school soccer... not the NBA.

Anonymous said...

Rules are rules, to alter for MP would not go over well with other schools not MP. Sadly for the MP with the CHANCE to possibly TIE and FORCE further play. I think the odds were against that happening with the slow pace of Soccer

Unknown said...

Slow pace of soccer? Do you live under a rock? Baseball slow, yes. Hockey, soccer, basketball, no. Don't post if you don't know what you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

There is an odd statement in the article: stating that the officials and booking agent said they could come back on Monday. The Piedmont Soccer booking agent sent out a memo to all schools (and I assume officials) concerning playoff issues like tie breaking procedure, weather, etc. I realize the Piedmont Soccer officials might have not been assigned to this game. But one would think officials that warrant playoff assignments (and their booking agent) would know the rules. I hate it for the girls (and any team) when the outcome of the contest can't be decided on the field.

Anonymous said...

Had this been any team from Butler I bet that the game would have been played on Monday no matter what the rule book says.

Unknown said...

Why would you drive an hour and a half to play 27 minutes. In any organization the rule book of soccer says whoever is leading at halftime wins the game if there is inclement weather. Never trust high school officials. They have no clue as to what is going on.

Anonymous said...

It's soccer ... nobody cares.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the Mustangs on a great season! lets remember these are high school girls who have worked very hard, and a beloved coach who wanted the best for his kids. its a shame their hard work came to an end like this.

Unknown said...

First there are a lot of people who care about soccer!

And yes Congratulations to MP lady Mustangs! It has been a great season!

It is very unfortunate that the only ones who are penalized for the mistake of the officials Friday night are the girls on the MP soccer team who have put their hearts and their energy into this soccer season.

To end the season on a "technicality" that no one seamed to know about on Friday night is a real shame for these girls!

What are we teaching our children? Is it ok to make a mistake and never be held accountable for it? It is ok to give up when you are down by 2 goals? These are not lessons that I would like my children to learn!

It sends a message to these girls that the officials were dismissing their ability! Shame on them! MP lady mustangs deserve another chance to show everyone what they are capable of doing. I would have stayed there until 2 am, I would have driven back up Monday night for 27 minutes!

Charlotte should stand behind the MP lady Mustangs and contact the State and make them play the rest of the game!

Anonymous said...

That rule has been in place even before Coach McCarley started
coaching at MP.

If MP was allowed to play it would
have been an injustice to every other school who lost a game in a
similar manner.

The Butler comment is such rubbish.