Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sun Valley, Porter Ridge get new football coaches

Union County Schools got two new high school football coaches Wednesday.

Former Winston-Salem Reynolds coach Paul Hall is the new coach at Sun Valley.

Greg Neuendorf, formerly of Concord’s Cox Mill High, is the new coach at Porter Ridge.

Hall replaces Scott Stein at Sun Valley. Stein left to take the head football job at Myers Park.

Hall, a 17-year teaching and coaching veteran, has been head coach at Reynolds since 2010. Hall, who played at Asheville Reynolds and Mars Hill, holds a undergraduate degree in physical education with a minor in biology. He earned a master’s degree in education at East Tenneessee State while working as a middle school coach and a high school assistant.

Hall was also formerly athletics director at North Iredell. At Reynolds, Hall was 12-21 in three seasons. He did not have a winning season.

At Sun Valley, he takes over Stein, who led Sun Valley to a 9-4 record this year and a third round playoff appearance. Stein was 71-42 in his career at the Union school. Stein is now head coach at Myers Park.

Neuendorf is Porter Ridge’s fourth head coach since the school opened in 2005. He was a record-setting quarter at Denison University and has been Cox Mill’s head coach since the school opened in 2009. Before working at Cox Mill, Neuendorf was head coach at Winston Churchill (MD) High and an assistant in Ohio.

He has a bachelor’s degree in human ecology and a master’s in middle childhood education from Ohio State

Neuendorf replaces Blair Hardin, who left after five seasons to take the head job at Freedom High. In the past three seasons, Hardin’s teams were 40-5 and made the N.C. 4A state championship game in 2011 and 2012.
In five years, Hardin was 50-18.


Amber Waves said...

What the? Blair Hardin left?

Well, as upset as I am about this, he has done an unbelievable job with the Porter Ridge Pirate Football program.

Thank you for everything, Blair and good luck in your future job!

CharlotteO Moon said...

Welcome to Porter Ridge, new coach Neuendorf. You have some mighty big shoes and expectations to fill.

This new conference is:
Butler, East Mecklenburg, Garinger, Independence, Myers Park and Rocky River, and Porter Ridge

Now I understand almost all of them, BUT GARINGER? No one from Porter Ridge is going to go to that hellhole, so why would anyone at Porter Ridge agree to this? Ardrey Kell makes sense. Providence High School is fine. Yet, making parents and students go to an away game at Garinger, or even Rocky River or East Mecklenburg is placing lives in danger.

Simply put, these schools have problems, whether day or night, and Porter Ridge doesn't want, need or relate to that seedy element. This realignment is awful.
Porter Ridge could be placed with Myers Park, Providence, Butler, Independence, Ardrey Kell, and another Union County school. Porter Ridge did NOT need to be tossed into a Conference where it is unsafe to attend away games.

Anonymous said...

@charlotte o moon you sir are an idiot!

CharlotteO Moon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CharlotteO Moon said...

Notice how anonymous can call people names but can't back it up with anything? Typical redneck! Especially when you use the word "sir."

If you are offended, then tough. Parents of Porter Ridge students were fine with the Conference they were in, due to the fact that they knew there would be NO gang bangers, drugs, guns, and violence. Now, with this new conference, we place our kids lives in danger.

No, you "SIR" are the idiot! Get a clue and get an education! The people who know Charlotte-Meck, like I do, KNOW some of these schools are BAD NEWS!

Anonymous said...

CharlotteOmoon don't come on here with your elite better than everybody else attitude, maybe east meck, garinger, and the rock don't want a racist at their stadiums so feel free to stay home!

CharlotteO Moon said...

Oh look, another anonymous. The freaks come out tonight...but with no names!

Oh, Porter Ridge is Elite, as our reputation, our NC academic school ratings:

146. Porter Ridge
229. Independence
242. Butler
281. East Meck
299. Myers Park
412. Garinger

Anything else, Gomer Pyle? That is why I previously stated Porter Ridge needed to be in a Conference that included Ardrey Kell and Providence, while getting rid of the lower-end schools in the Conference and moving them to a 'like' Conference.

We're just concerned about the health and welfare of our students while they are participating in sports. We don't need any thuggery out there.

Anonymous said...

You keep saying thuggery, why don't you just use the "word" you say in person, you are pathetic and should seek forgiveness for the hate and racism you are spewing!

Anonymous said...

You are hiding behind a screen name moon, put a name on it old angry white man, your age is evident by the gomer Pyle reference grandpa, take your Metamucil and pull your hood back down so we don't have to see or hear you anymore!!

CharlotteO Moon said...

Look clown, that is the word I would say to your face. I don't seek any forgiveness, especially not from southern lowlifes. Take it to a church, buddy, because I'm not wasting my time reading a book of Sunday stories.

If you want to turn this into something it is not, like a KKK vs the Black Panthers, I'm from the North and I could care less. I am telling you that Porter Ridge is the suburbs and they do not need to be subjected to the "hood." If you can't deal with reality, then go find Kojo or David Duke, or whomever you worship.
The students and parents of Porter Ridge were fine with status quo and they moved to Union County to get away from the "problems" of Mecklenburg County.

Anonymous said...

Black is Black

I want my baby back
No more Providence to kick around anymore. Have the kids stopped crying yet due to the loss of a coach?

Want you cry no more

CharlotteO Moon said...

Grandpa? Dude, I'm a Gen X'er and I have kids in school. See, this is EXACTLY the reason why Porter Ridge has been given a raw deal; they have to deal with idiot parents from other Charlotte schools. These parents are dropouts, on welfare, and lacking any common sense. Thank you for being their spokesman.

No, Porter Ridge would rather play Weddington, Sun Valley, Cuthbertson, Marvin Ridge, Unionville and other schools that are in the area. No one wants to travel to an area where the CMPD is everywhere, and you have to fear for your safety or that of your kids. You can live in the jungle; I didn't grow up like that.

Anonymous said...

We can only hope this tough guy is this vocal when he attends a game in person, I think you have offended almost every race and creed out there, best to your wife and kids

Anonymous said...

As a porter ridge parent I would have preferred to stay in our previous conference sure but this gonna happen, to come on here and give porter families a bad name is shameless and self serving, I feel sorry for your wife and kids.....

CharlotteO Moon said...

To Anonymous 11:02PM

The only person who gives Porter Ridge a bad name is YOU! I did not say anything that was out of bounds or was not true.
If you truly are a Porter Ridge parent, as I am, I can only say that I truly feel sorry for your family, as you have no clue what these other schools are like or what they are all about. I am so, so sorry you live in a bubble.

Perhaps you should go and make some friends, meet up with some CMPD police officers, and talk to the parents of these other schools. I know I have worked in Charlotte for 20 years now and I am well aware of the dangers that await at these particular schools. If you, as a supposed Porter Ridge parent, are that naive to believe that a night basketball or football game at these schools is a safe haven, you are surely a dumb redneck.

This Conference move will have a negative impact on Porter Ridge and some parents will choose to leave this school for, say Union Academy, Weddington, Cuthbertson, or Marvin Ridge, simply for that reason alone.

The only people I have offended are the people who KNOW there are problems at their schools. Do you want statistics, too? Do you want to know how many times the Police have been called to East Meck, Garinger, or Rocky River just this year? Don't push it off and ignore it; face it like a man. I don't want YOUR urban problems in MY suburban school. It is what it is, so deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Well you might as well transfer your perfect family because our urban school problems are going to be part of your suburban school from now on so you are going to have to deal with it despite your whining, you come off as weak and a coward, good luck

Anonymous said...

Charlotte O Moon
You truly are an idiot. Admittingly originally being from the north, degrading southerners, black or white, and acting like you are petrified about Charlotte. Just stfu already you're an embarrassment to the human race.

CharlotteO Moon said...

To Anon 5:47 AM

Thank you for being another example of just how truly uneducated the typical southerner is in this day and age. I could care less about the color of one's skin; it's about the content of one's character, Joe Bob. A school's identity is created by A)it's environment, B)the dominance of it's cultural influence, and C)the educational level of the parents that send their students to that particular school. Judging by your comments, along with the typical STFU comment, you have no College Education, which is par for the course in the Bible Belt.
So sorry your parents did not appreciate learning, and you did not see the value of a good education. So sorry you missed taking Sociology, Child Psychology and English Courses.
See, it's not arrogance when you can back it up. It's just that your way of living is inferior to many who grew up in the North. We knew this when we came down, that society was going to be lower class and less educated...but we love the weather, so we stayed.
You enjoy your concrete jungle and Porter Ridge will continue to enjoy the quiet, suburban life. We didn't ask to be in your "Urban" conference; it's just disappointing that the parents of Porter Ridge have to place their kids at risk sending their loved ones to these crime-ridden areas.
Sorry, but I'm not here to candy-coat it, as everyone knows it but just won't say it.

Anonymous said...

Moon boy isn't that elite, he can't afford private school that's the real reason he is crying lol

Anonymous said...

They are a bunch of good ole boys in the porter ridge district who want to meet this clown

Anonymous said...

So the atheist northerner knows it all and the rest of us simple folk don't get it, talk about living up to a stereotype while stereotyping others, sad I will pray for you and your family

Anonymous said...

Hey Moon:
First off I am college educated.
secondly, I graduated 3 kids from PR not CMeck as you assumed.
PR is not as pristine as you would like to believe....sad but true.
And lastly man you need to give it up. You are not only embarrassing
your family that has already passed away but you are embarrassing the future generations of your clan. You might be the biigest moron I have had the pleasure to truly are ignorant...fight the urge man..don't reply...we'll let you stay down here, just STFU!!!

CharlotteO Moon said...

To Anon 10:58 AM

The redneck from PR is still saying 'STFU;" so typical of some of the low class redneck North Cackolacky types I have to deal with here.

Yeah, you're College Educated...from CPCC? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I have met some of the backwoods parents from PR and they drive their kids in with their John Deere. Simply scary!
Sorry, but I am only embarrassed to be associated with buck-tooth hillbillies like you. You need to move on and fix your overalls, Mr. Green Jeans. Go let your kids play at night around Garinger and you'll be sure to attend a few funerals.
The Civil War is over and you lost, you dumb redneck. Yes, we do have a problem at PR, and it has to do with the hillbillies who butcher the English language, like you, Mr. Green Jeans.

Anon 9;33 AM...

I have no interest in meeting a bunch of dumb "good ol' boys," as they bring the PR school grades down. What an embarrassment to the community. Go move to Waxhaw or Marshville, you hillbillies.

Anon 9:40 AM

Crawl into your little church and go pray away. Sorry, but I am a Secular Humanist, not a Baptist sheep like you. Boy, I never realized the amount of PR rednecks who don't have the foggiest clue what is going on with these other schools. Sorry, but my kid doesn't associate with yours, since mine is in AIG. Good luck getting yours to not answer everything on a test with the word "God."

You rednecks are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I doubt moon even has a job, just an angry person hijacking the thread because his life is miserable, probably rants and raves to compensate for his lack of manhood, I'm not scared to go to these stadiums, why are you? Not man enough??? Your short and ugly aren't you? I bet those around you would love diversity lol

CharlotteO Moon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CharlotteO Moon said...

Hijack? I simply made a comment and you dumb rednecks jumped all over it, like a bunch of sensitive little girls.
Poor little wimps have to attempt to succumb to attempted put downs. I am able to multi-task while working, Cooter. You don't know what that means, do you? You seem to be the one with idle time on your hands. I'm working at my desk, occasionally checking back to see if anyone has responded.

Perhaps I can take you up to parts of St Louis and introduce you to the charming areas of night. This is Disney World, as compared to many of the inner cities in the Midwest, Cooter.

As for toughness, you're the ones that lost the Civil War. Porter Ridge was better off not playing the Ghetto Conference, and now we have to deal with all the problems of Mecklenburg County. Perhaps you are a native of the area and simply resemble those comments. Regardless, everyone knows that you're just full of hot air, as the entire rest of the United States just laughs at hillbillies like you.
My only issue was with the Conference changes, and you people had to go making a WW III issue out of it. This isn't about toughness, Cooter. I guess you're just too inbred and stupid to really know what goes on out there at these schools.
Sorry that your family tree has no branches.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a real tough talker on a blog, guarantee you no way you would talk like this in public the tongue lashing and whooping would be something to see, I have been to St. Louis and liked it, it's a shame you are associating yourself with a fine American city, you didn't like being called out for the racist hypocrite you are plain and simple and the observer should cut you off loser

Anonymous said...

George Carlin - "Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience."

Anonymous said...

Moon is an idiot I agree 100%

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't Moon have said "I couldn't care less about the color..."? Why does Moon capitalize conference when he is not referring to a specific conference? Does he need to capitalize 'College Education'? Shouldn't Moon know that the name of the school is Piedmont, not Unionville? Finally, the south must not be too bad because Moon is willing to raise his kids here just so he can enjoy the weather.

CharlotteO Moon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CharlotteO Moon said...

Anyone else notice that the focus isn't at all about the article or the schools in the conference? No, it's all about the various ways you feel about me. Great job being typically thin-skinned rednecks.

Your poor, poor people have your feelings hurt, all because I stated that Garinger, East Meck, and Rocky River happen to get daily visits from the CMPD. I reiterate that these schools are not going to be safe places for Porter Ridge students to visit during games. Porter Ridge parents and students were not exposed to seedy, crime-ridden schools like these, as they were better off with Weddington, Cuthbertson, Marvin Ridge, Unionville, and even Sun Valley.
Yet, all of you dumb rednecks found this offensive for some reason, as if you are supposed to think it but not say it? Is that some "idiotic" (your southern word) code, but it has nothing to with honesty? Sheez, you people are the most phony baloney stiffs I have ever been around in my life. Do you people live in a shoe box? Porter Ridge has gotten a raw deal from this new conference and I am speaking out against it.
You sheep can go along with anything you wish and respond after the problems occur, but I prefer to be a step ahead. At these schools, the "'Three Rs' of reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic have been extended to include robbery, rape and arson."

Just because you ignore the elephant in the room or are sensitive to what someone says, doesn't mean the problem goes away. You can divert the issue and endlessly attempt to attack me all day...but it doesn't change the fact that Porter Ridge students, faculty and parents are going to have to worry about their safety more than ever in the coming years.
By the way, keep writing, as I enjoy the attention. We're already up to over 30 responses; let's aim for 100, shall we? I will answer all, promise. Smile and wave, boys.
Keep your typical stereotypical responses, like "STFU" and "idiot" coming, for it only reinsures the notion that your vocabulary and education are limited.

Anonymous said...

I as a college educated African American find your racism both ethnically and economically to be totally sickening and shameless!!!

CharlotteO Moon said...

You, as a College Educated African American, did not learn how to properly use the English language. Did you go to a primarily African American University? Did you neglect you studies in English? Do you think it is 'chic' to place your own spin on the English language?

We're not speaking in "Ebonics" here, as you fail to recognize the issue at hand. You can sit on your Malcolm X high horse and scream until Louis Farrakhan hears you. If you want to identify this as a cultural issue, than be my guest. Are you a southerner? Well, guess what Kojo, I am not. I grew up in the North and I could care less if you were Blue, with a little white tail attached. This is about proper behavior, safety, health, and proper control of the students in the High Schools discussed in this particular Conference.
Please share with me your it based on your amount of melanin, because I am not like the hillbillies and KKK pushers down her, as I could care less. Do the students handle themselves in the proper fashion at East Meck, Rocky River, and Garinger, and to a lesser extent Butler and Independence? You know the answer to that, so don't give me your 'jive turkey' attitude, as I was born at the time of the race riots, when they were happening up in Newark. I judge people based on the content of their character, which is of course why I don't think much of the uneducated rednecks.
Really, do you need countless articles, the number of times the CMPD have been called to these schools, the suspensions, the dropout rates, etc. to see that there is a problem? No, instead of addressing the issue, you take issue with the fact that an Educated Yankee Whitey points it out to you. You're so busy defending the behavior of your culture, you're too blind to correct the problems from the outset.
Sickening and shameless? Yes, the behavior of the students at the schools in this new conference are indeed shameless. Just how many of these students were physically punished by their parents? Great move, Einstein, as I can certainly tell the apple doesn't end up falling far from the tree as the kids get older. Again, take a few Child Psych courses and you might figure this out, as opposed to wasting all your time in some Church, repenting, just to go out there and repeat the same inexcusable behavior over and over again. No, you won't like what I have to say, because it is the truth, and if you were to ask me to meet with you, face-to-face, I would politely tell you the same exact things.
Take it any way you wish. Spend some time in the inner city of Baltimore, where Dunbar is located Then, take the time to go to the suburbs of the city and visit Johns Hopkins or Loyola of Maryland and you'll see a vastly different culture. You tell me why that is? Why should there be any difference in behavior if we are all created equal and should be raising our kids the same way? See, you know the answer and you don't like it. Call it any label you wish. I have to deal with the uneducated hillbillies out here in Porter Ridge (as noted in the comments above), so we can both toss stereotypes around here all day long.
The fact of the matter is, Porter Ridge did NOT have to deal with the safety issues it WILL have to deal with in the coming seasons. I don't care what color of skin you have; it's all about your content of character.

CharlotteO Moon said...

Anon 12:52

Tongue lashing and whooping? Next, you'll want to pull out your guns, right? See, you have no ability to control yourself, which makes you vulnerable and weak. This is one of the many reasons why your ancestors lost the Civil War, besides being dumb as rocks.
Did I say I was from St. Louis? Did I say I was from Baltimore? Perhaps I am from Chicago and want to introduce you to some friends in Cabrini Green, or even Englewood. See, you don't get out of the State of Cackolacky, so how would you know?
What does Gary, Indiana, East St.Louis, and Cabrini Green have in common with areas like Garinger and East Meck? You figure it out.
Yet, don't come here all high and mighty, because you don't even know what tough is until you've experienced those area, boy. I, for one, just don't want my student around that type of environment. If you have a problem with that, I could really care less, because he's not your kid. If you respond well to areas with crime, drugs, and police everywhere, then good for you and to each their own. Again, there was a reason I moved 25 miles away from Uptown Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

Your spelling and language is awful lol

Anonymous said...

You are right your 2 minutes of public shame are up, go back to being right in your own mind as nobody else should respond to this pseudo intellectual

CharlotteO Moon said...

Anon 7:32

Please, display your College Degrees, and I'll display mine. This will be a riot! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Yes, you went to the redneck school for grammar, along with the slanted version of US History, too. LMFAO!!!

Anon 7:34

You can't even post your name, much less focus on the topic at hand. Aren't you going to congratulate the two new Head Coaches of football at Porter Ridge and Sun Valley, respectively? You had the gumption to respond, yet you haven't said a thing? Again, please show me your College Degrees and I'll show you mine. Forgive me when I laugh at either your lack of education or your southern-based schooling.

This doesn't escape the fact that our students at Porter Ridge are being exposed to a criminal element at these Charlotte-Meck schools. I moved to Union County for a reason, and it was to get away from the people living in Mecklenburg County.

Anonymous said...

So you are 'speaking out' and trying to be 'a step ahead' - how is that being accomplished by posting anonymously on an internet message board over a year after these conferences were announced? Did you take these issues to the school or the NCHSAA when the conferences were being discussed?

Anonymous said...

Without Hardin!
Porter Ridge is destined for failure. Moon you are probably by far the most uninformed poster i have come across in years.

Damn! Are you guys wearing your sheets during the day now, or only at night?

Anonymous said...

Murder, drugs, robbery, conspiracy - these were just a few of the words used in an article about recent events in the Porter Ridge attendance area of Indian Trail. One of the people arrested is a former Porter Ridge football player. Maybe we should be worried about people from Garinger, East Meck, and Rocky River going out to Porter Ridge.

Rick Thames said...

New Porter Ridge Head Football Coach was quite a football star in Ohio at Denison University. I don't know much about his coaching style, so if anyone else does, please chime in.
This former Quarterback is one of the North Coast Athletic Conference Football Leaders in Total Plays, Total Offense, Passing Attempts, Passing Yards, Completions, and Touchdown Passes. If he favors the same type of offense as Blair Hardin, this Pirate team will be even better, if that is even possible.
If anyone has any knowledge of Coach Neuendorf, please share it with us.

Go Pirates!

Rick Thames said...

I am glad that everyone has gotten so involved in this blog, as the spirit is really showing for our local High Schools. Please keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and personal attacks are not permitted by the rules and codes of the Charlotte Observer. Many of you have taken it upon yourselves to deviate from the story regarding the hiring of the new Sun Valley and Porter Ridge Head Football Coach and focus your attention on one individual posting comments. I would remind you that you need to stick with the topic and not get personal with other people posting on this website.

Personal attacks on other individuals posting will not be tolerated. Either stay with the topic or do not post. Thank you for your cooperation

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Garinger kids should be concerned about being exposed to the Porter Ridge kids. 7 arrested in connection with Indian Trail murder. Hmmmm.....

Anonymous said...

You are a little late to the party Rick on stopping personal attacks, this clown has been on here for two days offending every creed and race, for you to show up police the comments is an absolute joke

CharlotteO Moon said...

Another guys are such a farce!

Anon 11:53 am

What is this story about? The new Porter Ridge and Sun Valley head football coach. I just found out about the new Conference alignment 2 days ago. I know many different schools were discussed, schools which included Charlotte Catholic, Ardrey Kell and Providence HS.
Forgive me if I am less than enamored with the idea of having low-life High Schools like East Meck, Rocky River , and Garinger in the Conference. I am a Union County school, so why anyone felt compelled to stick Porter Ridge in the middle of the inner city is beyond me. It made sense to play Charlotte-Meck schools IF they were on the border of Union County, as Ardrey Kell, Providence, and Charlotte Catholic are. This is about geography, so you can cry all you want about racism, creed, and anything else. What you DON'T LIKE is the fact that A) I came down here from the North and B) I don't just ignore the facts.

Are you trying to tell me, or anyone else for that matter, that Garinger, East Meck, Rocky River, and to a lesser extent Independence and Butler are on the same level, academically and socially, as Porter Ridge? Please! Just call CMPD and ask them how many times they have been to any of those schools this past school year. Do you want the phone number? I looked it up for you...704-336-7600.
Just because you can't face the facts, it doesn't mean the problems don't exist. You're the same numbskull who probably believes in Northern Agression...which is laughable by any true US Historian.
Yet, you whiners are the ones who cannot keep with the focus of the conference, the coaches, and the High Schools. No, in typical southern fashion, you attempt to go after another person posting, which is just what Rick was talking about. He even tells you not to do it, and yet you STILL do it. How pathetically stupid can you be? You people really are products of CMS, so no wonder you are so sensitive to criticism. A 60% graduation rate (or less)? Nice!

IWe're almost up to 50 comments, people. This works out to be great PR for PR. Coach Neuendorf will do just fine with the Pirates, so long as he doesn't attempt to overhaul the strategy, attempting to fix something that is not broken.

Anonymous said...

From MapQuest - Porter Ridge to Rocky River - 11.5 miles. PR to Providence - 14.4 miles. PR to East Meck - 15.6 miles. PR to Garinger - 18.3 miles. PR to Char Catholic - 19.9 miles. PR to Ardrey Kell - 21.2 miles. I just wanted to help CharlotteO out with facts and geography.

Anonymous said...

WOW! How dumb can you get?
You really need to let it go.
You keep downing the South, but you decided to move here?

Charlotte is second largest banking in the US,behind NY. There are people here from all over the US.

If you are so proud of what you are saying. Go introduce yourself to the new coach. Than tell him to go on the Charlotte Observer and check out your post. Wath him distance himself from you.

Damn! I'm a white guy from Maine. I'm offended. Your dad should have pulled

CharlotteO Moon said...

Anon 1:33 PM

You're just another conservative Tea Party Bible Pusher, no doubt. I mean, Maine? What in the heck is there to do in Maine besides ski, eat lobster and fornicate with your own family members. No one wonder your family tree has no branches and you can relate to the natives here.
Really, how dumb can YOU get? Yeah, I moved here because of the weather, not because of the rednecks, genius. Yes, there are people here from all over the United States. In fact, when I moved here, the population was around 350 k, and now it stands at approximately 1.2 Million. WOW! You're must have been the top of your class to figure all of this out...and the last of your litter, too.
Now, as you continue to berate me, what have you decided to lend to the conversation, regarding the hiring of the Coaches at either Sun Valley or Porter Ridge? What insight can you share, in regards to their coaching style? How do you believe their style will measure up to the other coaches in their respective leagues?
See, you are an absolute fool, for you cannot do anything but sit here and attempt to rag on me, which is a complete fail job. If I were your Mother, I would have used a coat hanger and aborted! Throw stones at me and this Midwesterner will leave you swimming helplessly in the Cuyahoga River...don't throw a match!
Stay on topic with the discussion about Porter Ridge. and quit being such a sensitive sissy.

CharlotteO Moon said...

No Way, another Anonymous?

Anon 1:21

Let's talk location and demographics, shall we?
Ardrey Kell...66% Caucasian, 25% African American, 9% Latino
Providence HS...79% Caucasian, 9% African American, 4% Latino
Butler HS...67% Caucasian, 21% African American, 6% Latino
Myers Park HS...59% Caucasian, 25% African American, 9% Latino
PORTER RIDGE HS... 76% Caucasian, 12% African American, 9% Latino

Now, you have this..
Garinger...9% Caucasian, 66% African American, 19% Latino
East Meck HS...26% Caucasian, 52% African American, 15% Latino
Rocky River HS...14% Caucasian, 61% African American, 16% Latino
Independence HS...34% Caucasian, 40% African American, 14% Latino

Do you want the Demographics of the Conference Porter Ridge just left? I have statistics and numbers all day. What makes you think the parents of Porter Ridge want to subject themselves to a completely different environment? You keep the schools in conferences that have the proper similarities and then there are less problems.
You can label it anything you wish, because I could care less. You form a conference that includes East Meck, Garinger, Waddell, West Meck, Harding, Vance, Mallard Creek, and Rocky River. You form another conference that includes Porter Ridge, Myers Park, Providence, Ardrey Kell, Butler, Independence, and South Meck.
Ardrey Kell and South Meck are easily accessible, via I-485, while Independence is accessible via Lawyers.

That would have been the smart move. Instead, they decided to play the busing game, as Charlotte-Meck was the first County in the United States to pull this failed stunt. The goofy attempt to integrate brings everyone down and causes greater problems. We move to an area, go to a church, live with 'like' people, not because we are racists; it's because that is what we are most comfortable with. Take a Sociology Course and get an education!

Anonymous said...

Hey Idiot! Charlotte O Moon is

Do you cheer for the black kids on PR?

Anonymous said...

Show us a picture of your degree you obtained in Mexico while you where in prison. What a coward and a P_ _ _y.

CharlotteO Moon said...

Anon 5:52 and Anon 6:00

So impressed by your vocabulary, grammar and punctuation. Did you learn how to speak like this while down here in North Carolina? You really represent your State, as it is once again proven that North Carolina is continuously ranked in the bottom 10 States for public education. Stellar job in being the poster child for stupidity. R.I.F.!
Once again, you can't stick to the topic and you have to waste your time with endless pot shots at me. I understand, it's all because you don't even have a GED and you know you are inferior. Really, it's okay, as everyone in the entire United States of America knows just how dumb you southerners truly are. That's why sitcoms and movies accurately depict you as nincompoops. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

So, so sorry you can't find anything else worthwhile to talk about, regarding the hiring of new Coach Neuendorf, who is from the State of Ohio. Once again, as long as he doesn't make any wholesale changes, the Pirates will do just fine in this new conference.
Amazing...over 50+ posts now. Let's keep up the good work people and keep sending in all that hate. We'll eventually get this up to 100 posts, based on your ability to disregard the article and just whine or attack. As for me, it's water rolling off my back.

Anonymous said...

This whole conversation is really moot and non negotiable. The state realigns conferences every couple of years based upon enrollment figures and geography without malice and prejudice. Socioeconomics factors are not in the criteria. This is not an item that appears on the state ballots for all to vote. I too live in Union County and both of my children are either former or current athletes. Bottom Line: You get in your car, drive to wherever they play and support them and their teammates. Our travels have included numerous games against the likes of East Meck, Garringer, and the other so called "hood schools". Result of our travels: great competition, hard fought games,fine sportsmanship, respectful fans, and yes the occasional butt whooping by a better team.

CharlotteO Moon said...

Anonymous 5:33 AM

Thank you for those direct comments that are precisely on the money. What I may make exception to is the lack of prejudice, as Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will forever be known as the school that gave the United States it's first taste of busing. Earlier, I presented some demographic numbers, regarding the dominant races of each public High School in this particular conference. If yo really study the numbers, this is an attempt at integrating, or athletic busing, at its finest. Yes, I hate to say it but there are underlying circumstances here, as certain people are afraid to be sued, due to showing any racial bias.
I had heard about the names of a number of different schools bandied about over the past two years. The one I had exception to at the time was Waddell, since that made no sense at all in relation to Porter Ridge High School. Oh, those who drew up this conference had an agenda, and they were going to make sure to institute it. Please, don't kid yourself, as this conference makes absolutely no sense to the parents and students of Porter Ridge High School.
As for a voice in this matter, do you actually believe these Bozos would deviate from their goal to fully balance the integration process?

I will see how it plays out, although I have already explain the multitude of problems this conference is going to face, so we may have to relocate to Cuthbertson, Weddington, or Marvin Ridge.

Anonymous said...

Why is this post still up?
I am a Porter Ridge parent and I have no problem with playing games at Garringer, or any other school in Charlotte. This Idiot does not represent anyone at Porter Ridge other than himself. Please introduce yourself at the games, so we can have someone escort your dumb ass out the facility.

CharlotteO Moon said...

Hey Anon 11:55Am

I'll introduce myself just as soon as you do it at the Porter Ridge games, you dumb redneck. Oh, I DO speak for myself and don't expect to understand uneducated hillbillies like yourself. You made no mention of the new coach, which is just a slap in the face to the High School. Yeah, YOU don't have a problem playing the ghetto teams...perhaps because you grew up on the wrong end of town.
I so look forward to meeting you PR parents that speak out against my comments, as I know you just simply hate Northerners . Too bad, as we run this area don't. Please, feel free to relocate to Anson County, or even move back to Eastway Drive, as no one will miss you.
Oh, these posts have no reason to be dismissed, as I have given facts and information regarding the new conference re-alignment. What you don't like is that I speak up and speak out, which is something you dumb rednecks would never, ever do...although you would say it under your breath and behind everyone's back. The only "Idiot" here is you, and I suspect your misfit child, the one that rides the short bus to school, isn't far behind. Enjoy watching him graduate and then joining the service, for if he is as half-baked as you, he will just barely graduate.

Sorry, but there is another side to the parents and students at Porter Ridge, as there are the Northerners and the Southerners. You rednecks pull the scores down in this school, so please go and move to Pageland.

Anonymous said...

It was great information even though it was over a year after the decisions were made. My favorite part was where you put Waddell in the 'undesirables' conference - they closed as a high school over 2 years ago.

CharlotteO Moon said...

Anon 8:18 PM

Waddell HS was closed last year and the students were moved to Harding HS. Yes, they were talking about including Waddell at one time. Sorry, but I have NEVER lived on that seedy side of town in all of my 20 years of living in the Charlotte MSA.
Why do you call it the "undesirables" conference? The conferences should have similarities within their High Schools, as it pertains to their demographics. This foolish southern notion of forcing integration onto a community or city is a complete failure. It's not racism when people of similar interests prefer to be with one another; it is normal social behavior. You don't go out of your way to move into a neighborhood that is completely the opposite of your social demographics, nor will you run out to attend church on Sunday to a place of worship that does not share in your like characteristics.
See, that is the beauty of studying Sociology, for it is the study of human social behavior, especially the study of the origins, organization, institutions, and development of human society. Again, there's nothing 'racist' about keeping schools together in a conference that share similar standards, as well as consistent characteristics. This belief that you must 'push' kids and students into integration is so absurd, for adult behavior does not have those same mandates in place in which to 'force' differing cultures to live side by side. If you don't do it as an adult, then you don't forcibly require it on kids. You teach children to judge by content of character, looking past any physical features one possesses.
Sheez, no wonder everyone believes the south is still stuck in the 1800's..
Personally, I have absolutely no issue with playing a team, occasionally, that is different in its culture and values than Porter Ridge. Yet, to do what North Carolina has done here is apparently just standard procedure, as they attempt control integration of students. It does not work and it never will, for people have to decide for themselves how to constructively handle cultural differences.

Anonymous said...

As a member of Porter Ridge football team.

Stay Away! You are a Nut Job.

Anonymous said...

Neuendorf formerly Cox Mill High is the new coach at weak Porter Ridge. How dumb can you get.

Bad move. Why would anybody in their right mind go down in stature and take a lesser school? Makes no sense. Porter Ridge?

Dorf is not a half bad coach but come on now he had the athletes at Cox Mill. No coach has taken a team to the playoffs 3 out of its first 4 years since the first yr had no seniors dont count.

Sure we know half of Providence HS moved to Union and Porter Ridge district and helped them big time but Porter Ridge is no Cox Mill. Not even close.

Dorf and Cox Mill beat a tough ConcSpider team 2 years who had former North Meck Padgett and his top assist KMackdawg who took NM to the playoffs 7 yrs in a row and won to MECA titles plus in only 4 yrs at ConcHS got a state runner up last yr to undefeated Havelock who beat New Bern who beat PR in the title game in 2012.

DUFUS MOVE DORF ... You will be sorry ... Porter Ridge lost all their starters too in a weak conf ... Butler lost everything. Indy will be off ... PR may fit right in with a weak team in a weak league ... Hardin flew the coup to Freedom because PRidge will suck in 2013.

CharlotteO Moon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CharlotteO Moon said...

Non 11:46 AM

Look little boy, if you believe you are on the Porter Ridge Football team, I wouldn't get my hopes too high. Based on your inability to function in English, one can obviously tell you're either failing or in severe need of remedial English.

As for the "Nut Job" statement, I am so glad you have been brainwashed by your redneck family. I'll be watching from the seats this Fall, while you'll be on the sidelines, ineligible for play due to your poor grades. Please, you hillbillies are pulling the grades down here at Porter Ridge; go somewhere in the hills.
Of course, you'll be the first punk to run your mouth at Garinger, while being introduced to the local gang bangers. Boy, concentrate on just graduating...before you are sent off to the Army.

CharlotteO Moon said...

Anon 1:34

Cox Mill HS? Are you serious? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! You wimps got your fannies kicked roayally by Weddington, 42-6. You Cox Mill Chargers were beaten by A.L. Brown, as well. Little Cox had a 7-5 record last year, while Porter Ridge headed off to Chapel Hill, to compete in their Second Straight State Football Finals.
Academically, the two schools are even( ranked 146th in the State), as it pertains to students test scores. When comparing football teams, Cox Mill just doesn't have the athletes. In addition, you're a 3A school, so nice try, Spanky. Porter Ridge is a 4A school, so Greg Neuendorf just accepted a promotion.
I guess you have to start somewhere and Cox Mill High School is a terrific beginner's school for a High School coach to cut his teeth...until he is ready to move onto bigger things.

Anonymous said...

thats the self conversationalist pedo fag chickenshit sicko waterboy on the run hiding out poser living in whore mommys countryass trailor with the steers and queers starting shit as usual posting 24/7 under 500 names who needs to be smashed once and for all fucked up piece of shit -- we used to stuff the pukes head down the toilet and laugh in high school ... make the farthead drink the dirty water ... it needs a fist rammed thru that sorry trouble making race baiters mother fuckers skull ... it will happen ... that a promise

2003 ASU 3 time NCAA Champ D1AA

CharlotteO Moon said...

Anon 7:43 AM

First, what do these violent and threatening comments have to do with the story of new football coaches at Sun Valley and Porter Ridge?
Second, ASU stands for Arizona State University, so why is it that you have any interest in what goes on here in North Carolina? Oh, It's the FCS school, Appalachian State, for which there is no National acronym, only a local ones the southerners can use (since Appalachian State is such a BIG word for you hillbillies).
Well, based on your inability to properly use the English language, I guess you are just considered a Walmart Mountaineer fan. Yes, please remind yourself who won the Civil War, Enos. If Appalachian State University allowed you to enroll in their school, that is really all I needed to know about the school. Pee Wee, you have anger management issues and I would highly recommend you seek professional help at once.
Any time you wish to meet for a Latte, just let me know and I'll be on the lookout for your pickup truck...or I'll just listen for the Country music blasting from your radio. Now Enos, if you wish to do anything else than discuss Sociology, demographic, or how our environment has evolved over the past 150 years, then I'll have to call the authorities. Of course, they'll already have your mug shot on file.
It will certainly be interesting to see if the new Coach at Porter Ridge changes offensive or defensive philosophies, based on his system, or if he will tailor a scheme to fit his personnel. I know, I know...I just talked over your head, again. Poor little redneck; you were never blessed with the DNA to get you past that 80 IQ.

Anonymous said...

porter ridge also had 3 kids arrested this year that are going to serve 10 years plus... 2 for murder.. 1 for armed robbery. There isn't one highschool out there without problems. take your Aryan self back to the north.

CharlotteO Moon said...

Anon 5:17 PM

Sorry little Joe Bob, but this is the United States of America. You lost the Civil War, so you may want to give up the "go back North" garbage. Perhaps you need to realize that we are One Nation, One Country, One Flag...oh, and One Language. You rednecks have yet to remove the marbles from your mouth when you speak, so no one understands what you are attempting to say.
Yes, there are always High Schools with problems, but I certainly can list a great many more problems at Rocky River HS, East Meck HS, Independence HS, and especially Garinger HS. Why so sensitive? Does the truth hurt? Perhaps I should just pull up the demographics and just compare the zip code area of the High School to the crimes? I guess you don't seem to realize, Joe Bob, what I have been attempting to convey for days now. Let me know if you truly want those numbers, as it will certainly humble you.
Sorry, but Porter Ridge HS does not belong in a conference with Charlotte-Mecklenburg crime-ridden High Schools, where the academics and the socioeconomic class, as a whole, provides as many questions as answers. I am simply concerned with the safety and well-being of the student and parents of Porter Ridge HS. If you have issue with this, again I will provide the necessary numbers to support my concerns.
Joe Bob, take your confederate flag and use it for toilet lost!

CharlotteO Moon said...

Incredible! Look at all of these people leaving comments. In predictable fashion, you only want to focus on people disagreeing with your way of life, your society, and generally anyone speaking out against southerners. Amazing how, after 150 years, the natives fail to recognize their shortcomings and lack the ability to evolve. Threatening me, attacking me, and calling me a racist doesn't change the fact that Porter Ridge's AD and Administration should have done more to prevent being in an "inner city" conference. It isn't in the hands of one parent to stop this from happening, as I am disappointed with PR's Administration. There will be negative repercussions from this decision to allow the Pirates to be placed in these dangerous and vulnerable venues.
I look forward to seeing what a Midwestern native Head Coach will do to take Porter Ridge to that next step, which is a victory in the State Championship. Coach Hardin did NOT manage the 2012 game well at all the last 10 minutes of the 4th quarter in Chapel Hill. Coach Neuendorf may have his work cut out for him, but he still takes over a winning program at Porter Ridge.
Coach Neuendorf will have to get the Porter Ridge players up to speed, and quickly, with his playbook, as this Conference will be quite challenging.
You can go right on verbally sparring with me, although it doesn't change the fact that A) many of you simply don't want to recognize the issues at these inner city schools, B) you resent someone, especially someone from the Midwest, telling you about the problems that exist when pitting these schools against one another on a regular basis, and C) someone who is honest enough to speak the truth. I understand this not how you southern natives were raised, whether you are Caucasian, African American, Latino, or another culture, as you were taught to smile at someone and then talk in secret, or behind someone's back. I have no problem saying it to you, whether in person, in your face, or even here on this thread.
I would prefer people give some insight with Coach Neuendorf's coaching style and how it matches up with the other schools in the conference. Unfortunately, no one has been able to provide anything but negative commentary. If someone decides to actually focus on the X's and O's, I would be interested to read from football fans at these other schools.

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

Well, I guess you think PR would have won the last 2 years without the 12% hood you have there at PR. Take away the hood and you have no reason to travel. Stick with soccer.

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