Monday, September 13, 2010

West Charlotte Lions roar into Sweet 16 poll

Welcome West Charlotte to the Sweet 16.

The Lions have been ranked for more weeks than any Mecklenburg County team since the poll began in 1984.

After finishing 5-7 last season, West Charlotte changed coaches for the fifth time in five seasons – and it appears the school has found a winner.

Marcus Surratt, 36, is a cousin by marriage to Aaron Brand, who led the Lions in 2008, when West Charlotte won its first conference championship since 1999.

Jeff Simpson coached the Lions in 2009, when West Charlotte finished 5-7 and lost its final four games.

That's changed this season.

Under Surratt, West Charlotte is 4-0 after beating longtime rival Independence 48-33 Saturday, hanging the most points on the Patriots since before the 2000 season began.

In six previous games against Independence, West Charlotte had scored 19 points total.

- The top seven spots in the Sweet 16 remain the same, but there’s much change below.

Indian Trail Sun Valley is in at No. 11 after beating two Mecklenburg County conference title contenders (Vance, Olympic) on back-to-back weeks.

No. 10 Clover (S.C.) improves four spots. Shelby falls six spots to 16 after losing to rival Boiling Springs Crest, which moves up two to No. 9.

Charlotte Latin dropped six spots to 14 after losing to No. 7 Charlotte Catholic.

Rk. Team (Class) Record Previous
1 Butler (4A) 3-0 1
2 Rock Hill Northwestern (4A) 3-0 2
3 Mallard Creek (4A) 3-0 3
4 West Rowan (3A) 4-0 4
5 Lenoir Hibriten (3A) 4-0 5
6 Rock Hill South Pointe (3A) 2-1 6
7 Charlotte Catholic (3A) 4-0 7
8 Marvin Ridge (3A) 4-0 9
9 Boiling Springs Crest (3A) 3-0 11
10 Clover (4A) 4-0 14
11 Indian Trail Sun Valley (3A) 3-0 –
12 Newton-Conover (2A) 3-0 12
13 Charlotte Country Day (IND) 2-1 13
14 Charlotte Latin (IND) 2-1 8
15 West Charlotte (4A) 4-0 --
16 Shelby (2A) 2-1 10
Others receiving consideration (listed alphabetically): 4A South Caldwell (4-0); 4A Indian Trail Porter Ridge (4-0); 3A Kannapolis Brown (2-1); 4A Ardrey Kell (3-0); 2A Lincolnton (4-0); 2A South Iredell (4-0); 1A Albemarle (3-1)


Anonymous said...

Good job Observer. Finally no ranked Independence. I knew you guys could do it!

Anonymous said...

why come central eagles no love

Anonymous said...

What kind of frack-n-nack-al Bull is this? West Charlotte is 4-0 and little independents who play in the pony league and have lost one game each is ranked above them. you have gotta be kidding. you guys are so bias.

Anonymous said...

I would actually put money on the fact Country Day and Latin could beat West Charlotte. They wouldn't have the athletes, but that hasn't been a problem before when they both have beatother big public schools, all of whom are in the top 10 in this poll right now.

Anonymous said...

Country Day & Latin are unable to play CMS schools. Once again can Langston or someone tell me why this rule is in place? Previous poster could you also site the Teams that are CMS public that they have beaten? That information does not exist. I applaud the Private School football but it should have its seperate poll.

Anonymous said...

I didn't say CMS teams, I said big public schools. Crest and Northwestern are both big public schools. They have both lost to Country Day in recent history.

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact. Country Day has beaten every team they have played on this poll at least once in the past 5 years. That includes Northwestern (in a year that NW didn't lose another regular season game), Catholic (4 of the last 5 years), Marvin Ridge (1 of 1), and Crest (3 of 4).

To be honest, I don't think West Charlotte would be much competition for CCD or Latin.

Anonymous said...

The only CMS school that Country Day and Latin can play is Catholic. Just look at their recent history. More times than not, they roll through Charlotte's public school competition and stumble only to Country Day and Latin. I think Langston wrote in a recent article that half of Catholic's losses over the past 5 years have come at the hands of Country Day and Latin. The vast majority of the others came in the playoffs to non-Charlotte teams.

Anonymous said...

I think Mallard Creek would handle Butler. Hopefully they will meet in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Porter Ridge is coming hard. Watch out!!!

Anonymous said...

Get real!! The private schools in Charlotte would be average at best against CMS schools. Catholic plays in the weakest football conference in all of CMS, by far. To hold up Catholic as an example is like saying Va. Tech is a national football power because it beats up on the ACC.

Anonymous said...

Catholic has won multiple state championships, and seemingly dominate teams they play like Providence. Face it, people don't like to give Country Day, Latin and Catholic the credit they deserve, because they they can't fathom being worse at sports than people who they probably view as a bunch of spoiled rich kids. These are the best coached teams in the state probably, and with the exception of Butler and Mallard Creek, they could beat any CMS team.

Anonymous said...

How come Albemarle gets no love? They have been one of the most dominant high school programs in the state for the past decade. Lets not forget they won 3 straight state titles at the start of the decade and if it wasn't for the run Independence had at the time they would have been the most dominant team in the state for the last decade. Sure they lost last week to a very good Thomasville team that is 2A and also beat Ktown the week before. Lets remember Albemarle is still the defending 1A state champs.

Jonathan said...

Looking forward to this week's matchup with Butler vs. Hibriten. I would like to see Mooresville get some love from the voters- they are back, and in a big way. Also- Bunker Hill is in need of some consideration, and is Thomasville in the coverage area? Or are they like Richmond Co.? If they are in the area, they need to be ranked!

Anonymous said...

I feel that West Charlotte could actually be a threat this year. I've analyzed Michael Surratt, he's a very determined coach he loks like he wants it all. If I were Mallard Creek, I would be a little worry, because West Charlotte could sneak up & bite them in the back.

Kernunnos13 said...

Independence is finally off of the list!!!! How long could a team with an 0-3 record still be considered a Sweet 16 team? Past performance, yes, but this season?

Glad to see Marvin Ridge rising. Game of the week-Marvin Ridge/Audrey Kell!

Anonymous said...

Game of the week is definitely Shelby @ Lincolnton! This game is ALWAYS an epic battle and you have AP poll #4 Lincolnton against AP poll #9 Shelby. GO WOLVES!

endzone said...


Anonymous said...

What in the world does Mooresville have to do to get any respect? 0-11 last year to 3-0 this year beating three good teams in Northwest Cabarrus, Bandys and Alexander Central. Maybe if the Devils can upset West Rowan Friday night, we'll get a few "others receiving votes."

Anonymous said...

PORTER RIDGE IS THE REAL DEAL! Watch out for them.