Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hough boys basketball coach Justin Batts resigns; several coaching openings at Cornelius school

Hough athletics director Masanori Toguchi told the Observer Tuesday that Huskies boys basketball coach Justin Batts has resigned.

Batts plans to attend graduate school.

Batts was selected the Observer's coach of the year for its All-Lake Norman area boys team this year. Hough finished the season 22-6 and won the conference championship in the MECKA 4A, perhaps the toughest conference in North Carolina.

In the 2012-13, Batts led the Huskies to perhaps the school's biggest win, a N.C. 4A sectional championship win over heavily favored West Charlotte and then All-American center Kennedy Meeks to reach their first N.C. 4A Western Regional.

Next season, Hough is expected to return 6-8 forward Luke Maye, a high major Division I recruit. Maye made the All-Observer team for the second time this season.

Besides Batts, Toguchi said the school also had openings for girls basketball, softball, track and cross-country.


Anonymous said...

GOD is in control and the great equalizer.Everyone knows the truth.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Taguchi and the rest of NC finding coaches.

The pay scale has not been changed since 1984 when the minimum wage was $4 per hour.

Best and Brightest ?


Anonymous said...

Toguchi needs to support his coaches more and stop allowing the parents to dictate to him.

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE is at fault here. Coaches, Parents and Administrators. First, coaches for accepting "gifts", like brand new refrigerators ;). Always do the right thing or it will always come back to haunt you. Parents are also at fault for providing gifts to make sure their kids make the teams, which at times they have no business being on. Coaches are also at fault for helping falsify home addresses of kids that don't live in the area. Parents are at fault for allowing their home address to be used, what did you expect. Administrators are also at fault for knowingly allowing all these things and much more to go on. Coaches, Parents, Administrators you are all suppose to be responsible adults, act as such. GOD sees it all and renders judgment when he sees fit.

Anonymous said...

When Sonya Tate former women's basketball coach was forced out as a result of the parents, I knew Hough was in trouble. She lead a group girls who were not the most talented to a conference title! They falsify address at Hough? No.. say it isn't so. I thought that was just at other schools in CMS:-)

Anonymous said...

Why is Kennedy Meeks' name in this article? Did Hough win a state title as a result of beating West Charlotte? Irrelevant!

Anonymous said...

Kenndy Meeks or any other West Charlotte player is always relevant. According to my local paper that is all I hear of so I assume that it is the best school in CMS, right?

Anonymous said...

What steals more money out of the pockets of people in Charlotte?

" In the name of God " or

" Its for the children "

Anonymous said...

Who has the inside track on this job? With Batts leaving, does Maye stay?