Friday, August 31, 2012

Marvin Ridge forfeits Week 1 high school football win over East Meck

Marvin Ridge has forfeited its first win of the season over East Mecklenburg. Marvin Ridge beat East Mecklenburg 38-7 Aug. 17.

The forfeit stems from an eligibility issue with a player that was discovered after the Mavericks' win over East Meck. Marvin Ridge reported the mistake to the N.C. High School Athletic Association.

"The school discovered a mistake in our eligibility and it was not the fault of any of the players, their families or our coaching staff," Marvin Ridge coach Scott Chadwick told the Observer.

Marvin Ridge lost to Ardrey Kell 31-21 Aug. 24. .

Marvin Ridge (0-2) was scheduled to play Union County rival Cuthbertson (1-1) at home Friday night.

East Meck's record will adjust to 1-2.


Wiley Coyote said...

If it "wasn't anyone's fault", why vacate the win?

You do realize that many of the players who play sports don't qualify for the school lunch program, but get it anyway...

Soooo... what point are we trying to prove here?

It's okay to cheat over here, but not over there?

Anonymous said...

Cmon...Paperwork is done over the summer before school starts. A good AD would not let a kid suit up if there was any question. They got Caught!!

Anonymous said...

He didn't say it wasn't anyone's fault. He said it wasn't the fault of the players, coaches or their families.

This is what happens when you hire an A.D. that is in way over his head. Terrible hire by Marvin.

Anonymous said...

They have a new AD who is enamored with himself and his position. He was hired by the clueless new principal. Neither one paid attention to the responsibilities of their job and to make it worse they have tried to blame the players for their failure. The AD has yet to take responsibility for his actions or lack there of and continues to hide under the coattails of his inept principle. Yeah....I think that about sums it up.

Anonymous said...

that game took place before school even started...that is an awful job by the administration...whoever did it should publicly step up and take the blame for making such an avoidable mistake

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous...was that your kid who was ineligible? Do their job first before you assume anything.