Friday, May 11, 2012

N.C. Playoff Results/Pairings

Boys’ Dual-Team Tennis
Third round Monday
4A West: Page/High Point Central at W-S Reynolds; Ardrey Kell at Greensboro Grimsley
3A West: Catholic at Marvin Ridge; Hickory at Asheville
2A West: Salisbury at Owen; Polk at Shelby
1A West: Mt Airy at Hendersonville; Highland Tech at Bishop McGuinness
NCISAA First Round (Friday/Saturday): Wesleyan Christian at Providence Day; Cannon at Ravenscrof; Charlotte Latin at Cary Academy; N. Raleigh Christian at Christ School; HP Christian at Durham Academy; Forsyth at Greensboro Day; Covenant Day at Asheville School; Charlotte Christian at Country Day
Boys’ Lacrosse
Tuesday’s second round
Boys West sectional Round: Myers Park 8, Marvin Ridge 6; Greensboro Grimsley at Lake Norman, late
NCISAA first round (Saturday): Greensboro Day at Country Day; Cary Academy at Durham Academy; Davidson Day at Cannon; Forsyth at Cape Fear
Girls’ Lacrosse
Tuesday’s second round
Girls West: Marvin Ridge 17, Northern Guilford 8; Lake Norman 16, Bishop McGuinness 10; Myers Park 10, Raleigh Broughton 4; Charlotte Catholic 17, Panther Creek 4
Friday’s Sectional Round: Marvin Ridge at Lake Norman, late; Charlotte Catholic 23, Myers Park 9
Girls’ Soccer
First round Results
4A West: Ardrey Kell 6, Winston-Salem Reynolds 0; Providence 4, Winston-Salem Reagan 0; Asheville Reynolds 8, West Mecklenburg 0; Greensboro Grimsley 5, NW Guilford 2; Myers Park 2, W-S Mount Tabor 1; East Forsyth 9, Southern Alamance 0; West Forsyth 3, Butler 0; SW Guilford 7, SE Guilford; 6 Jamestown Ragsdale 2, Greensboro Page 0; Olympic 1, Mallard Creek 0; Lake Norman 4, Porter Ridge 1; Watauga 4, McDowell 1; Asheville Reynolds 8, West Mecklenburg 0; Sun Valley 7, Hopewell 0; Hough 4, South Meck 0; Skyland Roberson 3, Mooresville 0; Alexander Central 3, East Gaston 1
Second Round (By Saturday): Myers Park at Greensboro Grimsley, Saturday, 7 p.m.; Providence at East Forsyth, Saturday, 7 p.m.; SW Guilford at W. Forsyth; Ragsdale at Ardrey Kell, late; Lake Norman at Olympic, Saturday, 7 p.m.; AC Reynolds at Watauga, Saturday, 6 p.m.; Sun Valley at Hough, Saturday, 7 p.m.; Alex. Central at Skyland Roberson, Saturday, 7 p.m.
3A West: West Rowan 3, Hickory Ridge 1; AL Brown 4, Berry 0; Marvin Ridge 10, N Iredell 0; Robinson 6, SW Randolph 1; Cox Mill 9, Rockingham 1; Parkwood at Statesville; Charlotte Catholic 9, Mt Pleasant 0; Weddington 11, Carson 0; Ashbrook 7, N. Buncombe 0; St. Stephens 6, East Henderson 1; Burns 3, South Point 0; Asheville 1, W. Henderson 0; Enka 4, R-S Central 0; Hickory 1, Crest 0; Tuscola 5, Forestview 1; Hibriten 3, Patton 0
Second Round (By Saturday): A.L. Brown at W. Rowan, Saturday, 7 p.m.; Robinson at Marvin Ridge, Saturday, 7 p.m.; Statesville/Parkwood at Cox Mill, Saturday, 7 p.m.; Weddington at Charlotte Catholic, Saturday, 7 p.m.; St. Stephens 5, Ashbrook 1; Asheville at Burns, Saturday, 7 p.m.; Hickory at Enka, Saturday, 7 p.m.; Hibriten at Tuscola, Saturday, 7 p.m.
2A West: Brevard 2, Madison 0; Owen 6, N. Henderson 0; Shelby 5, Lincolnton 0; Bandys 2, Smoky Mountain 1; E. Lincoln 2, E. Burke 0; Polk Co. 2, Chase 0; S. Iredell 8, E. Davidson 0; Wheatmore 4, N. Lincoln 3; Cuthbertson 3, Salisbury 0; Ashe Co. 4, Newton-Conover 0; Central Davidson 1, Forest Hills 0; Trinity 4, Surry Central 0; Forbush 5, Randleman 2; Piedmont 1, West Davidson 0; Wilkes Central 14, Andrews 0; W. Stokes 4, W. Caldwell 0
Second Round (By Saturday): Brevard at Owen, Saturday, 7 p.m.; Bandys at Shelby, Saturday, 7 p.m.; Polk County at E. Lincoln, Saturday, 7 p.m.; Wheatmore at S. Iredell, Saturday, 7 p.m.; Ashe Co. at Cuthbertson, Saturday, 7 p.m.; Trinity at Central Davidson, Saturday, 7 p.m.; Forbush at Piedmont, Saturday, 7 p.m.; Wilkes Central at S. Stokes, Saturday, 7 p.m.
1A West: Thomas Jefferson 3, Highlands 1; Hendersonville 11, Cherokee 0; W. Wilkes 3, S. Stokes 0; Bishop McGuinness 11, North Rowan 1; Elkin 3, Gray Stone Day 0; Central Academy 4, W. Montgomery 0; Union Academy 3, E. Montgomery 2; Lake Norman Charter 4, Lincoln Charter 0
Second Round (By Saturday): Jefferson at Hendersonville; Bishop at W. Wilkes, Saturday, 7 p.m.; Elkin at Central Academy; Union at Lake Norman Charter
NCISAA 1A (by Saturday): Wayne Country Day at Durham Trinity; Faith Christian at Burlington Christian; Raleigh Trinity at Hickory Christian; Grace Christian at Epiphany
NCISAA 2A (Friday): Gaston Day at Caldwell; Westminster at Carolina Friends; Asheville Christian at St. David’s; First Assembly at Cary Christian; American Hebrew at Cape Fear; Rocky Mount at Fayetteville Academy; Carolina Day at O’Neal; Arendell Parrott at Davidson Day
NCISAA 3A (Friday): N. Raleigh Christian at Charlotte Latin; Wesleyan Christian at Durham Academy; Cary Academy at Covenant Day; HP Christian at Country Day; Providence Day 4, SouthLake 0; Forsyth at Cannon; St. Mary’s at Ravenscroft; Rabun Gap at Greensboro Day
First round must be played by Friday
4A West: West Forsyth 7, Providence 0; Hopewell at South Meck, Friday, 5:30 p.m.; West Meck at McDowell, Friday, 5:30 p.m.; Davie County at Ardrey Kell, Friday, 7 p.m.; Hough 5, Sun Valley 4; South Caldwell at Alexander Central, Thursday, 6 p.m.; Butler at Lake Norman, Friday, 6 pm.; SE Guilford 15, SW Guilford 5; NW Guilford 9, Page 0; N. Davidson 10, Myers Park 0; Southern Alamance 3, W-S Glenn 1; Reagan at Independence; East Forsyth 10, Western Guilford 0; Mallard Creek at Porter Ridge; Skyland Roberson 22, Mooresville 2; East Gaston 7, Watauga 6
Second Round (by Tuesday): West Forsyth at SE Guilford; Ardrey Kell/Davie at NW Guilford; So. Alamance at N. Davidson; E. Forsyth vs. Independence/Reagan; Hough at Olympic; W. Meck/McDowell at Alexander Central; Lake Norman/Butler vs. Porter Ridge/Mallard Creek; East Gaston at Skyland Roberson
3A West: Mount Pleasant 5, Charlotte Catholic 0; N. Iredell 13, NW Cabarrus 0; Hickory Ridge at Berry; W. Rowan at Marvin Ridge; Southern Guilford at Robinson; Anson at Carson; E. Rowan at Weddington; Crest 12, N. Buncombe 2; Foard 3, Tuscola 0; R-S Central 4, Ashbrook 1; Erwin 3, W. Henderson 0; Enka 3, Burns 2; St. Stephens 7, S. Point 1; Franklin 10, Kings Mountain 0; Freedom 8, Hibriten 4; Central Cabarrus 7, Williams 2
Second Round (by Tuesday): Hickory Ridge/Berry at N. Iredell; So Guilford/Robinson vs. W. Rowan/Marvin Ridge; Carson/Anson at Central Cabarrus; Mt Pleasant at Weddington/E. Rowan; Crest vs. Foard; Erwin at R-S Central; St. Stephens at Enka; Freedom at Franklin
2A West: Maiden at South Stokes, Fri, 7 p.m.; Mountain Heritage at N. Henderson; Madison 8, Smoky Mountain 1; Chase 5, E. Lincoln 4; Pisgah 11, Bunker Hill 3; S. Iredell at N. Lincoln; Polk County 1, E. Rutherford 0; Bandys 11, W. Davidson 1; Trinity at W. Lincoln; W. Stanly 13, Thomasville 0; Draughn 4, Forbush 1; Forest Hills at Central Davidson; Surry Central at Randleman; Wilkes Central at Wheatmore; Piedmont at E. Davidson; Starmount 25, Carver 0
Second Round (by Tuesday): Madison vs. N. Henderson/Mtn Heritage; Pisgah at Chase; Polk Co. vs. N. Lincoln/S. Iredell; Trinity/W. Lincoln at Bandys; Forbush/Draughn at W. Stanly; Forest Hills/Central Davidson vs. Randleman/Surry Central; Wheatmore/Wilkes vs. Piedmont/E. Davidson; W. Stokes/Maiden vs. W. Stokes
1A West: Swain Co. 11, Highlands 0; Robbinson at Bessemer City; Cherokee at Mitchell; Lake Norman Charter 5, Hiwassee Dam 3; Hayesville 7, Andrews 3; Hendersonville at Chatham Central; Gray Stone Day at Cherryville; Murphy 11, Avery 0; Highland Tech 20, Central Academy 17; S. Stokes 9, S. Stanly 2; Lincoln Charter at E. Montgomery; N. Moore 23, Union Academy 0; N. Stokes, 15, N. Wilkes 0; E. Wilkes 2, W. Montgomery 1; W Wilkes 9, N. Rowan 2; E. Surry 4, Alleghany 0
Second Round (by Tuesday): Robbinsville/Bessemer at Swain County; Lake Norman Charter vs. Mitchell/Cherokee; Hayesville vs. Chatham/Hendersonville; Murphy vs. Cherryville/Gray Stone; Highland Tech at S. Stanly; N. Moore vs. E. Montgomery/Lincoln Charter; E. Wilkes at N. Stokes; E. Surry at W. Wilkes
First Round By Friday
4A West: Asheville Reynolds 9, West Mecklenburg 0; Winston-Salem Reagan 6, Ardrey Kell 4; Hough 2, Porter Ridge 1; Mooresville 7, Olympic 3; W-S Glenn at SE Guilford; West Forsyth 2, South Mecklenburg 0; East Forsyth 5, Western Guilford 4; Davie County 8, Butler 1; NW Guilford 7, Southern Alamance 2; Mt Tabor 5, Providence 4; Dudley at SW Guilford; South Caldwell 12, McDowell 1; Lake Norman at Sun Valley; Mallard Creek 2, Independence 0; Hopewell at Skyland Roberson; Watauga 12, East Gaston 1
Second Round (by Tuesday): W. Forsyth vs. SE Guilford/Glenn; Reagan at E. Forsyth; NW Guilford at Davie County; Dudley/SW Guilford vs. Mt Tabor; Mooresville at Hough; Asheville Reynolds at South Caldwell; Sun Valley/Lake Norman vs. Mallard Creek; Hopewell/Roberson vs. Watauga
3A West: Hickory at East Rowan; Mt Pleasant at Harding; South Rowan at Marvin Ridge; Asheboro 2, Robinson 0; NW Cabarrus 6, Northern Guilford 3; Parkwood at Carson; Charlotte Catholic 12, Cox Mill 5; West Rowan at Weddington; Asheville 1, South Point 0; Hickory 5, East Henderson 1; Burns 2, North Gaston 1; North Buncombe 2, West Henderson 0; R-S Central 6, Erwin 1; Crest 13, St. Stephens 8; Forestview 2, Tuscola 1; Patton 3, Hibriten 2
Second Round (by Tuesday): Hickory Ridge/E. Rowan vs. Harding/Mt. Pleasant; Asheboro vs. Marvin Ridge/S. Rowan; Parkwood/Carson at NW Cabarrus; Weddington/W. Rowan at Charlotte Catholic; Asheville at Hickory; R-S Central at Crest; Patton vs. Forestview
2A West: N. Henderson 4, Owen 1; Smoky Mountain at Polk County; E. Rutherford 2, N. Lincoln 1; Bunker Hill at Brevard; S. Iredell at E. Lincoln; Mountain Heritage at Shelby; E. Davidson 8, Draughn 3; Trinity at West Lincoln; Cuthbertson 1, Central Davidson 0; Maiden 3, Starmount 2; West Davidson 5, Forest Hills 2; Surry Central at Wheatmore; Randleman 9, Forbush 2; Piedmont at Salisbury; Carver at Wilkes Central; Bandys 7, West Stokes 0
Second Round (by Tuesday): Polk/Smoky Mtn vs. N. Henderson; Bunker Hill/Brevard at E. Rutherford; E. Lincoln/S. Iredell vs. Shelby/Mtn Heritage; E. Davidson vs. W. Lincoln/Trinity; Maiden at Cuthbertson; Surry/Wheatmore at W. Davidson; Piedmont/Salisbury at Randleman; Bandys vs. Carver/Wilkes
1A West: Hayesville 14, Highlands 0; Rosman 6 Blue Ridge 2; Andrews at Hiwassee Dam; Mitchell 6, Murphy 1; Hendersonville 10, Bessemer City 0; Lake Norman Charter 5, N. Moore 3; N. Wilkes at Cherryville; Swain County at Thomas Jefferson; N. Rowan at Central Academy; W. Montgomery 10, Mt Airy 0; S. Stanly 17, S Davidson 2; Elkin 10, Albemarle 6; E. Surry 4, Chatham Central 1; E. Montgomery 12, Union Academy 1; W. Wilkes 7, Lincoln Charter 4; S. Stokes 7, Alleghany 1
Second Round (by Tuesday): Rosman at Hayesville; Mitchell vs. Hiwasee/Andrews; Lake Norman Charter at Hendersonville; Cherryville/N. Wilkes vs. Swain/Jefferson; Central/N. Rowan vs. W. Montgomery; Elkin at S. Stanly; E. Montgomery vs. E. Surry; S. Stokes vs. W. Wilkes
NCISAA 1A (first round by Saturday): Pungo at Lawrence Academy; Grace Christian at Wayne Christian; Hickory Christian at Faith Christian; Community Christian at Trinity; North Hills at Wayne Country Day; Cape Fear at Epiphany; Burlington Christian at Northeast Academy; Trinity Christian at Greenfield
NCISAA 2A (first round by Saturday): Northside at Caldwell Academy; Asheville Christian at Rocky Mount Academy; Halifax at Arendell Parrott; St. David’s at First Assembly; Salem Baptist at Davidson Day; O’Neal at Harrell’s Christian; Carolina Friends at Fayetteville Christian; Kerr Vance at Westchester
NCISAA 3A (first round by Saturday): Christ School at Cary Academy; Metrolina Christian at Village Christian; Forsyth at Charlotte Country Day, Saturday, 2 p.m.; Rabun Gap at Charlotte Christian; Charlotte Latin at HP Christian; Calvary Baptist at Providence Day, Friday, 5 p.m.; Southlake at Covenant Day; N. Raleigh Christian at Wesleyan Christian


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I'm glad I don't depend on the Observer for "news". How can a game still be "late" at 1 in the afternoon the next day?

This is why people are fleeing.