Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Announcement on NCHSAA vote that could exclude Catholic to come at May 3 annual meeting

The deadline was Tuesday for voting on a proposed N.C. High School Athletic Association change that would exclude Charlotte Catholic and two other Catholic schools, but the NCHSAA does not plan to announce the results of the vote until its annual meeting on May 3.

The association conducted the vote because the constitution requires a ballot be sent to each member school if six member schools request a vote. The constitution requires the result to be announced at the annual meeting.

The six schools requested the NCHSAA conduct the vote on changing the constitution to allow only public schools to be members. The constitution currently allows public schools and non-boarding parochial schools to be members.

Davis Whitfield, the commissioner of the NCHSAA, said the organization’s staff is following the constitution by waiting to make the announcement at the annual meeting.

 Tim Stevens


Anonymous said...

This gives the NCHSAA enough time to figure out a way to invalidate the vote. A money-hungry organization that noone trusts needs a week to count 390 votes. Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

Good ihope they do invalidate. It's about Joe pinyans dislike of Catholics anyway.

Anonymous said...

Pinyan patriot or pinhead

For allowing personal feelings and the pursuit of his legacy to drive his agenda.

Joe Pinyan is a pinhead.