Friday, March 30, 2012

Olympic High guard to transfer to Northside Christian

Olympic sophomore guard Austin Dasent is transferring to Northside Christian, his father, Kevin, told the Observer. Kevin Dasent said his son nearly enrolled at private Covenant Day School in Matthews, when Austin was a freshman, but the family decided against enrolling.

Austin Dasent was a regular for Olympic (28-2) which was nationally ranked for much of the season. He was the team’s fourth leading scorer (8.0 points per game), fourth in steals (1.2) and third in assists (2.4).

“It’s a good situation for Austin academically,” Kevin Dasent said. “My wife and I looked into private schools in ninth grade and decided not to do so at that time. Now is the right time. It’s not a recruiting issue. We pride oursleves on doing things the right way.”

Kevin Dasent said he will drive his son to Northside Christian daily, about a 25-minute commute from the family’s home in southwest Charlotte. Northside Christian is on the northern end of town.
Austin, currently a sophomore at Olympic, will be a junior at Northside Christian next fall. He is the second area player to transfer. South Mecklenburg 6-9 junior Phillip Reed will be a rising senior next season at Northside.

Northside won the N.C. 2A private school state championship game in February under second-year coach Byron Dinkins.


Anonymous said...

It is what it is - for basketball. Now that Olympic is losing everyone through graduation why stay. If it was for education he would have left earlier.

All that is left is for the announcement that Allerik Freeman is leaving for another school his Senior year.

Anonymous said...


Why do we care how he is going to get to school everyday. is that important? Does it add to the story? If so, why did you not tell us how Phillip Reed from South Meck is going to get to Northside?

Wasted paragraph.

Anonymous said...

Just because one kid transfer does not mean they all will people.....people move school's every day I think it goes deeper then education or the school. That family has the right to do what ever they feel is best for there kid an we as people have to respect that an leave it at that. I hope it works out for the young man an his family.

Anonymous said...

This is what we deem as newsworthy! Olympic has been a great school for Men's basketball for the last 5-7 years. It has produced great players that are beyond prepared for the collegiate level. A school like Northside cannot provide anything but a basketball factory and empty promises. They do not play anyone and are not ranked on the national level. You will not find better coaching than the staff at Olympic and for a period this season, they were nationally ranked. It is a shame when players and parents make these decisions but I respect them and both teams will move on! Good Luck Austin!

Anonymous said...

I really wish people who comment on these stories would stop judging people for these kinds of decisions. Whether it's basketball, academics, or both, it doesn't matter. This family made a decision to leave, knowing full well all the facts about Olympic's basketball program. Can we consider other possibilities beyond basketball? Maybe Austin does better in smaller class settings? Maybe the family prefers a Christian school because of their faith? I'm certain basketball has a lot to do with their decision but you simply cannot disregard other factors involved. I have no ties to either school or this family but this is America people. Everyone has the right to pursue the path they see as best. And if the Olympic program and staff is as solid as you say it is, it will be just fine without Austin, correct?

Anonymous said...

Olympic will be fine no one hitting the panick button they will reload an be back at it next season its a lot of time between here & next season an the staff at olympic does a good job very classy guys will see what they can put on the floor next season after losing so much