Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Meck game of the year? Tonight's Northside-Kennedy Charter Hardwood Classic semi

Ever since the Hardwood Classic pairings came out a few weeks back, Kennedy Charter boys basketball coach Ed Addie said people have been asking him about a potential meeting with Northside Christian in the semifinals.

It'll happen in tonight's 6:50 Hardwood Classic semifinal at Bojangles' Coliseum and it will be the Mecklenburg County game of the year so far.

"That's the game," Addie said after an easy first round win over Queens Grant Tuesday. "Carolina Preps has them No. 1 in the state and us No. 10. There's a little bit of a gap there and I think my boys have a little bit of a chip on their shoulders. We don't want to come out too crazy, but stay calm and consistent. Northside has a great coach and a great team. We look forward to playing them. It's going to be a good game."

Northside (10-0), No. 2 in the Observer's Sweet 16, has beaten two teams ranked in the S.C. top 10 polls as well as a High Point Wesleyan team that has been ranked nationally. As Addie said, Northside is ranked No. 1 in the Carolina Preps poll of N.C. Independent School teams, ahead of such traditional powers as Arden Christ School and Charlotte Christian, and the Knights are looking for their second straight state championship berth in February.

Kennedy Charter (12-0), No. 10 in the state independent poll, is new to this state power thing, but the Eagles are one of the most talented teams in North Carolina with at least seven guys who could play Division I one day.

Both teams have great coaches and great systems. Northside averages 82.9 points, third-best in the Observer's 127-school coverage area, and allows just 47.6 points per game, eighth best.

Kennedy Charter leads the area in scoring at 98.7 points per game and gives up a pretty stingy 52.4 points per game.

Something's got to give tonight.

"We'll see what happens," Northside coach Byron Dinkins said. "Based on our performance (in Tuesday'a spotty first round win over Gastonia Forestview), they're the favorites. But it always comes down to defense for us. If we can some things going offensively to go with it, we'll be OK."


Anonymous said...

Dang I hate the Heat's in town, but I think I'm going to bring my boys to see this one. Sounds like two really good teams. -- Marvin Jones

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it should be a good one...all star team collected from the public schools. Two schools that have developed their talent (or brought in players) from all over the county...and, even Union County! Save your money and watch some AAU ball...same as you will see here.

Anonymous said...

I saw Kennedy Charter play earlier in the year at Waddell. I'm curious to see them on a big stage. They have never played as a unit in a big game. Northside is a group. Like LW said these are too well coached teams. Hate it's same nite as the Heat. Still, I'll be there

Anonymous said...

i missed Kennedy Charter and Northside, but I was Davidson Day tonight. I know all the hype is about Kennedy Charter and Northside. I still think Davidson Day might be toughest team here. They'll beat Mooresville and Lester tomorrow and be waiting for Langston's new favorite teams in the finals.

Anonymous said...

Big game! I'm there!

Anonymous said...

This could be a great game. Shame West Charlotte would t take the bait and and play Olympic at the iverify tournament. But we know how Wertzs beloved Lions do. They run when they can. Probably why they don't wanna face this heat here with Kennedy and Northside and Davidson Day and Mooresville. Oh snap they already lost to Mooresville. Wertz your boys have to play they conference games. LOL

Anonymous said...

No doubt this shud b a great game but y'all sleeping on Davidson Day. They have won 14 in a row and will be waiting for the winner of tonight's SUPER GAME OF THE CENTURY on Thursday night. Sorry Mooresville, we gonna have to knock y'all out to tonight. How good are we? Michael Jordan's nephew comes off our bench getting buckets

jimbo said...

SMH...LW you may have to give Davidson Day some respect after this tournament. Well coached and have already beaten some high profile teams this year. The fans are calling you out!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you Davidson Day folks. Langston fawned all over your 18 year old sophomore football QB and even put him on his All Everything team. He's been writing about (cheating) Ron Johnson ever since he was at Cannon. What do you all want? A cookie? I hope Mooresville wipes ya'll but not to worry if not KCPS or NSC will handle that business Thursday night. I'm like Bart Scott. Can't Wait!