Friday, August 5, 2011

Sue Doran named CMS athletics director

Sue Doran, who has been assistant athletics director for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools for the past five years, has been promoted. She is the new county athletics director, replacing Vicki Hamilton, who retired in February.

Doran, 55, had served as interim athletics director since Hamilton’s move. Hamilton was an educator for 34 years, spending the last 17 as CMS AD. She was the first female atheltics director of a city/county district in North Carolina.

Doran said her old assistant AD job will not be filled.

“I’m following someone who was a trailblazer and did a tremendous job,” Doran said of Hamilton. “When you follow someone as dynamic and as effective as she was, I don’t feel the need to come in and make drastic change.”

Doran played basketball and volleyball at Division II schools North Georgia and West Georgia. She got her masters’ degree from West Georgia and started her coaching career there, as a head softball and assistant women’s basketball coach.

She coached at East Tennessee State for 20 years under then women’s coach Susan Yow. Doran also had stops at Drake, Kansas State and UNC-Wilmington. She worked with current N.C. State AD Debbie Yow in the Maryland athletics office and eventually worked with the late Kay Yow with the N.C. State women’s program.

“I’m a jeopardy question,” Doran said. “I’ve worked with all three Yow sisters.”

Doran later spent three years as an assistant at Providence College before deciding she wanted to get out of coaching. She heard about the CMS assistant AD job from N.C. High School Athletic Association deputy commissioner Que Tucker.

Doran said she’s excited about her knew role, and understood the rigors of it.

“There’s ebbs and flows in every job,” she said. “I try to not get too excited about them and not let circumstances change how I approach. You come in every day, put your head down, and do your job. Some days are tougher than others, but you keep an even keel -- and to borrow a sports term -- keep your eye on the ball. Do that and I think you’ll come through the tough times and the good times.”


Anonymous said...

Comment 2:23 not cool....on another note. Please enforce the eligibility rules. Butler got away with murder (literally) last year with the apartment fiasco. Bad karma came to the school as a result.

Anonymous said...

The AD at the high school level only teaches one or two classes at the most. Some are receiving over 25 hours a week for planning. This along with some head coaches receiving 25 hours a week for planning. No wonder we dont need an assistant AD for CMS. Why do we need one at all if the high school AD and Head Coaches are receiving over 50 hours per week for planning?!!? Why does the CMS AD not do more and put the high school AD and head coaches back in the classroom where they are needed, at least to take the size off of EOC classroom teacher?!!? The taxpayer is getting the shaft on this. I have blogged several times before with no luck in a responce. Future school board canidates please take note !

Wiley Coyote said...

Anon 3:27...

It's really pathetic as to how much time is spent actually trying to enforce residency rules.

I've had to go to 4 different meetings to sign papers verifying I was there and my child lives where he says he lives.

Yet, CMS does nothing to ensure or require student athletes prove they qualify for free lunch subsidies to be able to play for free.

Anonymous said...

her "knew" role?

Anonymous said...

I am not sure which school you are involved with, but 25 hours of planning a week for a head coach? I think your numbers are off! I am a head coach in CMS. I teach 3 classes a day, last year 4 with no planning because of a shortage! My day starts at 6:45am (already at school) add in practice or game after, driving the bus to and from opponent's location and you can say I am at the school long after the custodial staff leaves at 9:00pm! You may also add planning for my lessons. Oh yeah you can also add in working Saturdays til noon at the school. You need to come step in my shoes for a day.

Gamecock Phil said...

If you hate athletics, coaches, sports in general, say so. Don't make unfounded remarks about the hours or quality of work done by CMS AD's. They are the hardest working, longest hours, lowest paid(stipends)in the business. However much they make, ain't enough. Get a life, take up a hobby, play a sport, volunteer, just stay out of matters you are uniquely unqualified to comment on.

Anonymous said...

CMS's mission is education, not sports. Get rid of all the coaches and sports teams and concentrate on academics.

Anonymous said...

Between the AD and Head Coach you pay two people to teach 3 classes per day. That is an outrage to a tax paying citizen!

Anonymous said...

Bunch of Morons!! We need athletics in High School. PERIOD! Why dont you get upset with CMS having a over inflated staff downtown that make well over $80K a position. Then tell me a Coach who barely makes $40K a year and works 60+ hours a week directly with the students that he doesnt matter.