Monday, February 14, 2011

Final Sweet 16 of the regular-season sees 3 changes

The final Sweet 16 poll of the regular-season find the top four boys spots the same and two new  teams joining in.

Mooresville, which upset North Meck last week is in at No. 13. The Blue Devils won their final three regular-season games in a tough I-Meck 4A conference. North Meck dropped one spot to No. 8 this week.

The other new team is No. 12 Marvin Ridge, which has also won three in a row for legendary coach Gosnell White.

-- The girls poll is pretty solid. Despite winning its 19th straight game, North Iredell is again stuck at No. 9. And 22-1 Belmont South Point can’t move up despite winning a share of its first conference title since 1979.

There is one change in the girls poll: Ardrey Kell returns at No. 16.

-- This is the final Sweet 16 until a champion is announced after the season ends next month. Eligible teams must field football and basketball teams, play in an accredited state association and not allow student-athletes to maintain eligibility when repeating a grade during his or her high school years.

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Team    Cl    Rec.    Pvs
1. Olympic    4A    23-1    1
2. West Charlotte    4A    19-2    2
3. Charlotte Christian    IND    23-5    3
4. Gastonia Huss    3A    21-2    4
5. Butler  4A 20-3   6
6. East Rutherford    2A    19-1    9
7. Berry     2A    20-2     10
8. North Mecklenburg    4A    20-4    7
9. Concord    3A    19-3    8
10. Hickory    3A    20-3    5
11. Lawndale Burns
    3A    17-4    15
12. Marvin Ridge    3A    15-6    --
13. Mooresville    4A    16-7    --
14. Cherryville    1A    20-3    14
15. West Caldwell    2A    20-2    13
16. Morganton Freedom    4A    19-5    11

Team    Cl    Rec.    Pvs
1. Butler    4A    24-0    1
2. Salisbury    2A    19-1    2
3. Hopewell    4A    19-2    3
4. Mallard Creek    4A    20-4    4
5. Providence Day    IND    20-4    5
6. Berry    2A     21-2    6
7. Shelby    2A    20-0    7
8. North Iredell    3A    19-1    8
9. Charlotte Christian    IND    19-3    9
10. Belmont South Point    3A    22-1    10
11. Hickory    3A    21-2    11
12. Gastonia Forestview    3A    18-4    12
13. Newton-Conover    2A    19-2    13
14. Monroe Parkwood    3A    20-2    14
15. Catawba Bandys    2A    21-3    15
16. Ardrey Kell    4A    19-5    --


Anonymous said...

Porter Ridge Girls beat Ardrey Kell so why are we not in the Sweet 16?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 5:24. You need to stay very quiet about your girls team. If Butler gets wind that you folks have some players down there, their parents will all mysteriously wind up in an apartment building in Matthews, NC. It remains the most amazing phenomonon in all HS athletics. Anyone that moves to Matthews, NC automatically has Division 1 athletic coaches show up at their residence. (Your top notch football players don't have their families move into the apartments. Porter Ridge football players, I think, move in with their uncles in Mint Hill.)

Anonymous said...

I'd probably put Shelby girls at number 3 behind Butler and Salisbury. I would bet they would beat Hopewell and Mallard Creek. Glad to see East Rutherford boys are getting the respect they deserve. Beat your OBSERVER POY 2x this year as well as Burns and Freedom. Only loss was to Freedom by 1 point... and they was a rob to say the least

Anonymous said...

"I would bet they would beat Hopewell and Mallard Creek...." Why does this matter to you?

Anonymous said...

^^ :-/

Because those 2 schools are good... just not Shelby good. And no, I'm not a Shelby grad and far from a fan. But I do know a good team when I see one.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Shelby girls can get no love from Langston this year. They are dominating teams but still sit midpack of the Sweet 16.