Saturday, November 6, 2010

Garinger beats Harding 43-14, wins top 4A seed from MEGA 7

Garinger beat Harding 43-14 Friday to seal the No. 1 4A seed from the ME-GA 7 conference. Garinger won six games in 1995, and this is the most the Wildcats have won since then. Garinger is 7-4.

Charlotte Catholic, which was idle Friday, won the overall league crown, finishing unbeaten, but Catholic is a 3A team and will get the No. 1 3A seed from the conference.

Garinger tied Olympic at 4-2 for second place overall and those were the top finishing 4A teams. Garinger gets the nod for the No. 1 seed because it beat Olympic head-to-head 23-17 on Oct. 29.

Final MEGA 7 standings
School, Overall, Conference
Catholic 11-0, 6-0
Garinger 6-4, 4-2
Olympic 6-4, 4-2
Harding 3-8, 3-3
East Gaston 5-6, 3-3
West Meck 2-9, 1-5
Waddell 1-10, 0-6


Anonymous said...

Garinger is 7-4, just fyi

Unknown said...

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