Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mallard Creek QB Williams: I'm still committed to UNC

Mallard Creek quarterback Marquise Williams, a top 15 national recruit at his position, says he is still firm in his commitment to North Carolina.

The Tar Heels have pulled 13 players from tonight's season-opener with LSU due to investigations into possible misconduct by the football players.

Thirteen players - including seven starters on UNC's star-studded defense - remained in Chapel Hill on Friday night as the 18th-ranked Tar Heels prepared for their season opener in Atlanta.

The school said six were ineligible for the LSU game for breaking school and/or NCAA rules. Seven more were held out as investigations continue into possible academic misconduct and inappropriate contact with pro agents.

Williams said he is watching carefully.

“I’m still trying to see what’s going to happen,” Williams said. “My family is trying to see what’s best for us. If they go on probation, I’d have to decommit, but if they don’t go, I’m going to be a Tar Heel."

Williams, a 6-foot-4, 220-pound senior, has thrown for 13 touchdowns, leading his team to a 3-0 record and a school-best No. 3 Observer Sweet 16 ranking. Mallard Creek has outscored opponents 161-6.

And Williams said the North Carolina situation does cause him some pause.

“To be honest, I’m not worried about it right now," he said. "But sometimes it does worry me. It’s like, if something happens, where will I play next year? Will I find the right place for me? So it does come to my mind, but I’m trying to finish
my high school career out.”, a national recruiting website, ranks Williams No. 13 at his position nationally. Williams chose the Tar Heels over Michigan and Virginia Tech. He also received scholarship offers from Boston College, East Carolina, Florida, Kansas, Kansas State, LSU, Louisville, NC State, Notre Dame, South Florida, Syracuse, UCLA and Wake Forest.

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Anonymous said...

Be patient Marquise. Good things will happen in Chapel Hill after all the dust settles. You are a Tar Heel!

Anonymous said...

Do you think he can actually read your comment? My guess is he needs a "tutor" to read it to him.

Anonymous said...

Not quite Mr. Anonymous above....Its apparent that you don't know him, hence the stupid comment....Marquese needs no tutor....He's smart and athletic, so stop hating!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Mallard Creek assistant being investigated for recruiting needs to be put on permanent probation. The texts and voicemails are proof in the pudding. Come on Ms. Hamilton..... Could she be waiting until October so they will have to forfeit the season. If you let them slide, let evryone slide.

Anonymous said...

C'mon to Chapel Hill, Marquise. We're going to need you. Brenner ain't ready and we all know TJ is gonna blow it tonight.

Anonymous said...

If you want to be a Tar Heel, go to Chapel Hill, but if not then do not go. Probation has nothing to do with it, only your ego!