Friday, August 20, 2010

CMS adds $1 to football tickets to support programs

High school football teams will take the field for the first time this season tonight, Aug. 20. Seven home games will start at 7 p.m.

“This is an exciting time for our students, parents and fans,” said Vicki Hamilton, director of CMS athletics.

CMS has added $1 to ticket prices for athletic games this year. This means ticket prices are $6, rather than $5 and the increase supports school athletic programs.

School staff will monitor weather reports and assess field conditions for each game. Teams may play in moderate rain but not in severe weather. If lightning is heard or seen in the area, games are immediately stopped and all fans and players must seek shelter. Skies must be clear of lightning for at least 20 minutes for play to resume. If severe weather continues, game and school officials may postpone the game.

CMS hires Mecklenburg Emergency Medical Services staff and an ambulance for every game. In addition, the district has partnerships with local hospitals and doctors assigned to each team attend the games. Every school also has a first responder or licensed athletic trainer at games.

Here is the schedule for Friday night:
· West Charlotte at East Mecklenburg
· Garinger at Myers Park
· Mallard Creek at Independence
· Catholic at South Mecklenburg
· Hopewell at West Mecklenburg
· North Mecklenburg at Olympic
· North Gaston at Waddell
Away games include Providence at Richmond Senior and Butler at Mt. Tabor.

-- CMS media release


Anonymous said...

CMS increases ticket prices by 20%
to .... the reasons given have gone from saving Middle School sports, to saving teachers jobs and now to support athletic programs?

Anonymous said...

And they tell you this the night of the first games....HMMM...Such class CMS!

Anonymous said...

Most all the high schools around Mecklenburg are already up to 7 bucks a head for Fri nite football. That 6 bucks a head is old news.

Schools need to get a credit card machine outside for Friday nites on these outrageous prices. Who carries cash?
You can drop 50 bucks cash only easy at a game now.